Jailbreak Apple Watch presented at Def Con 25

Jailbreaks for devices with iOS have been around for many years, and now it's time for Apple Watch.

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Hacker Max Basaliy from Fried Apple Team presented a jailbreak for watchOS 3 on Apple Watch.

This is not the first hack Apple Watch, but the first jailbreak shown to the public intended for a device.

It is too early to say what features the jailbreak Apple Watch will provide, but it is likely that SSH connections are supported, which means that users will be able to change the system files of the watch from other devices.

During the presentation, it was said that the jailbreak Apple Watch is available to developers and provides them with access to vulnerabilities, as well as the use of tools like Frida and Radare on the device.

Based on the slides in the presentation, the 'vulnerabilities' include the following:

  • Access to fitness / health information
  • Access to call records
  • Access to photos
  • Access to the cache
  • Access to calendars
  • Access to contacts
  • Access to mail and messages
  • GPS access
  • Microphone access
  • Access to Apple Pay

Most likely, Apple Watch with jailbreak will support the minimum number of modifications. Tweaks for Apple Watch will have to take up little memory, otherwise they can lead to device malfunction.

We don't think Cydia can be installed directly on Apple Watch. If someday the program starts to maintain the clock, then control will be performed from iPhone, as in the case with App Store.

So far, it cannot be said that jailbreak Apple Watch will bring much benefit, but hackers are already working on it.

Jailbreak watchOS 3 Basalia is currently limited in access. So far, no hints have been made for a public release. Either way, this is a big deal for the next generation of jailbreak.

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