ITunes 12.7 loses section App Store

Yesterday's two-hour presentation Apple was so eventful that the company even forgot about some things. Among them is the iTunes 12.7 update, which completely removes the App Store section from it.


In addition, some other sections have been modified to direct your attention directly to their content: movies, music, TV shows, podcasts, and audiobooks. After the App Store section disappeared, it became impossible to sync applications between Mac and iPhone / iPad. ITunes 12.7 loses section App Store

The iTunes update focuses on music, movies, TV shows, and audiobooks. It includes support for device synchronization since iOS 11 and some other innovations.

By creating a dedicated profile, you can share music with your friends via Apple Music, and listen to the music and playlists they have shared.

ITunes U collections have become part of podcasts. Search and explore free educational materials from top schools, universities, and museums in the same place.

If you've previously used iTunes to sync apps and ringtones to your device from iOS, use the new App Store or Sounds section in Settings to download them again.

The Ringtones section has disappeared, iTunes U has been moved to Podcasts and Internet Radio has been moved to Apple Music. Finally, the update allows Apple Music users to explore the profiles of their friends and family in order to assess their musical tastes and listen to the same music as they are.

In addition, iTunes 12.7 supports the new iOS 11 due next week.

You can install the iTunes 12.7 update in the usual way through App Store.

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