IOS will receive support for Apple Pay Cash this fall

Apple are clearly very pleased with the release of iOS 11 last Tuesday.

Apple - Pay-Cash - iOS - 11

Unsurprisingly, the company has released a list of the top features coming in this major update to the mobile operating system. Among them, the Apple Pay Cash feature stands out, allowing you to quickly send money to your contacts directly through iMessage. While it was previously thought to be available as soon as iOS 11 was released, this apparently did not happen.

Apple has confirmed that Apple Pay Cash will work this fall, after the release of iOS 11, in the next update. When exactly it will appear remains unknown.

With one of the updates for iOS 11 and watchOS, users Apple Pay will be able to send and receive money transfers to their friends and family easily, quickly and securely. You only need to select a recipient in iMessage or specify one Siri using a credit or debit card. The recipient will immediately receive the sent amount to his wallet Apple Pay Cash and will be able to use it immediately.

When this happens, users will be able to make a money transfer by selecting the appropriate item in the menu that opens by clicking on the icon App Store in iMessage. Then you will need to indicate the amount, the recipient and the desired card, if you have several of them.

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