Installer 5 – Cydia alternative for iOS 11 and iOS 10

We continue to wait for Jay Freeman, creator of Cydia, to release an updated version of Cydia and Cydia Substrate with support for iOS 11. Meanwhile, the Infini Dev team has announced that it plans to release an alternative to Cydia – Installer 5.


The Installer 5 website contains the following information:

Installer 5 is an open source package manager for jailbroken devices iOS 10 and 11. We have completely redesigned Installer from scratch. More information will be available soon.

The had a blue icon and was the first app store or file manager for tweaks and apps even before Cydia and App Store from Apple. Below you can see it in the screenshot.

Installer 5 - Cydia alternative for iOS 11 and iOS 10

Here's an article about the 2008 Installer app (Apple didn't even announce App Store then). It talks about the arrival of a new search function. Since then, great progress has been made.

One member of the Infini Dev team explained that Installer 5 will be able to do everything Cydia can do, 'just in a different format'. It is unclear if the Cydia Substrate app will need it or if it will use a different code injection method. If this is the first option, then we still have to wait for saurik to release an update.

The application is expected to be released soon, but the exact date is unknown.

Over the years, developers have announced their plans to release an alternative to Cydia, but they either failed at all, or their applications were not successful. Let's see if Installer 5 actually comes out and becomes a worthy replacement for Cydia. The best chance is to release a new tool before the Cydia update for iOS 11 is released.

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