In iOS 9.1, implemented a quick reply to messages WhatsApp from notifications for them

Developers will finally be able to embed quick reply forms in notifications for their iOS – apps. This feature has been waiting for a very long time, until now it has been implemented exclusively in the native Messages application.

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Twitter was the first app in App Store to feature this great feature. In iOS 9.1, the WhatsApp app for iPhone also now has a handy text field for quickly responding to a message directly from the alert, without leaving the other app currently in use.

Once again, it requires iPhone with iOS 9.1 or higher installed on it.

If you do not see the fields for a quick response in notifications WhatsApp, update to iOS 9.1. Also, this function, it turns out, is in builds WhatsApp for beta versions iOS 9.1.

How to reply to messages WhatsApp from notifications

To reply to WhatsApp – a message directly from the notification for him, drag the notification at the top of the display down. A text entry field will open. now just enter your answer, hit Submit and keep going where you are.

To reply from an alert on the lock screen, swipe the alert from right to left and a blue Reply button will appear. Click on it and you will be taken to a full-sized alert banner with a text box to reply. In this case, you will need to unlock it first iPhone if it is password protected.

Likewise, swipe on the notification while in Notification Center iOS to open the text box.

In iOS 9.1, implemented a quick reply to messages WhatsApp from notifications for them


To install WhatsApp you need iPhone with version iOS 6.0 or newer, as well as a mobile number. The app is available in the following languages: Russian, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, English, Arabic, Hungarian, Vietnamese, Dutch, Greek, Danish, Hebrew, Indonesian, Spanish, Italian, Catalan, Korean, Malay, German, Norwegian (Bokmål), Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Finnish, French, Croatian, Czech, Swedish.

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