In App Store it will be possible to give in-app purchases

In-app purchases are very common in mobile apps. While some of them are not useful, that doesn't mean that all in-app purchases are pointless.

Apple AppStore2018

An in-app purchase can even be a great gift. Up to this point, users iOS could not gift in-app purchases to each other. However, users can and have been able to give each other paid apps for a long time.

Now this will change. Apple changed the rules App Store, and now users can also give in-app purchases.

However, there is a small nuance. We do not yet know how this will work. Most likely, the new feature will be built into the interface App Store. However, we do not yet know how it will look like.

We don't know when Apple will make this feature available to users. In the near future, the company should explain the work of the innovation to the developers in more detail. Then we will learn more.

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