ICEY is now available at App Store

Released last year on Steam and subsequently on PS4 in August 2017, the ICEY side-scroller is now available on iOS. Considering the low price of the ported version, this is an excellent solution for those who were not previously familiar with this game.


The position of the storyteller is interesting in ICEY. He constantly says what the player should do, but you can always disobey his instructions and do your own thing. This breaks the linearity of the narratives and allows you to explore interesting places whenever you feel like it. Where this will lead depends on the situation.

The game is for an amateur, but we must admit that it is done stylishly. Dust-style fights are incredibly addictive, so if you love action, we recommend that you check out this new release.

You can download ICEY for iOS at App Store, the cost of the application is 229 rubles.

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