How will Face ID be set to iPhone 8 [Updated]

In the leaked firmware iOS 11 GM, a lot of details were revealed about iPhone 8 and its functions. Now information has become available on how you will need to set up Face ID.

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The process for setting up Face ID is similar to setting up Touch ID. As with Touch ID, you first need to set a password. The user will then have to move their head 'in a circle while looking at the screen'. A message appears stating that Face ID will work better if it remembers your face from all angles.

You can't exit the Touch ID setup until it's complete, and you can close the Face ID setup halfway through the process.

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According to reports, for the best face recognition to work, the phone should be held 25-50cm away from the face. The setup process is smart enough to know that there is another face in the frame, or that it is obscured by something.

Below is a video of the Face ID setup process:

Face ID enrollment process (with layout issues on first page)

– Guilherme Rambo (@_inside) September 9, 2017

As you can see in the video, Face ID can be used to authenticate to iTunes, App Store and Safari. It has also been confirmed that iPhone X will not have Touch ID, and the technology will completely replace Face ID.

Another video by Guillermo Rambo shows the Face ID authentication process that will be part of the setup. During the process, a preview of the camera is shown, and the developer believes that it will not be in the final version. Unlocking your phone won't be like that either, as the process is too long to be used constantly.

Authenticating with FaceID looks like this (timing not correct because it's just the UI, not actual auth)

– Guilherme Rambo (@_inside) September 9, 2017

Face ID settings will be in the 'Face ID & Password' section. The function can be used even if only part of the user's face was captured during setup.

Thanks to Face ID, the display will not fade when the user looks at it. This feature has been available on Galaxy devices for a long time, but it doesn't always work properly on them.

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