How will Apple align the new display with the status bar at iPhone 8?

The rumor has it that iPhone 8 will have a 'notch' in the center of the bar status iOS at the top of the screen, and Max Rudberg made some interesting sketches showing how the Cupertino company could violate the integrity OLED – display.


His sketches are full of good ideas for potential interface changes to iPhone 8, which will provide better control from the bottom of the screen.

For illustrations, he used screenshots of the Top Charts section in App Store.

As you can see for yourself, he offered an option with a split status bar, and the title bar can be integrated into it, and the operation will be located at the bottom near the virtual Home button in the middle and control along the edges.

How will Apple align the new display with the status bar at iPhone 8?

From left to right: AppStore on iPhone 7 with a regular interface; split due to 'notch' by iPhone 8; inconspicuous 'notch'; inconspicuous 'notch' and inconspicuous bottom line.

For example, the tabs 'All Categories' and 'Apps' in App Store can be moved down, making it easier to use apps in one-handed mode.

At the bottom, there can be quick ways to call different applications, as in the new touchbar on MacBook Pro.

Rudberg says: 'I used to like the idea of ​​an inconspicuous status bar, but after these sketches I'm not sure anymore. This makes the screen appear smaller than it actually is and the result is not worth it. Now I'm leaning towards Apple will leave 'notch'.

Moving the title bar control to the bottom will not be that difficult for app creators, as UIKit can easily change the interface for apps built in Xcode.

Of course, at the moment these are just assumptions, and we do not know anything about the changes iOS that may be presented along with the release iPhone 8.

Designer Brad Ellis tends to completely remove the line with controls like in Android, because as screens get bigger, so does the distance between our thumbs and controls at the very top.

On the Medium blog, he wrote that Apple we need to stop placing important buttons at the top of the screen, as “the best controls are the ones you can reach”.

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