How to view GPS coordinates of any place on iPhone?

To indicate the exact location on the map, we are used to using an address, landmark or other easily recognizable object for orientation on the terrain. And this approach has common sense, isn't it? With one exception. The concept of reading maps through the lens of human-made objects is not without a flaw. This is once again confirmed when you use different services from different providers, for example from Apple or Google Maps, the results of which often do not even match for the same address, place or other geographic location.

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But if for a certain place you enter the longitude and width of the GPS system – the most reliable and time-tested parameters, then you can accurately determine the location of the object. The best thing about this method is not only its versatility and the presence of unique data inherent not only in your home, but also in your neighbor's house, but also in the fact that this method does not depend on the 'geographic' service provider you use.

Building on that thought, this article will teach you how to find out the GPS coordinates of any location on iPhone so that the next time your friends ask about your location, you can send them something like this: ' 37.3305, -122.0296 '. And if you are wondering how to find an object in the Maps application using only GPS coordinates, then we will show you how to do it too!

How to view GPS coordinates of any location on iPhone.

First of all, we will learn where and how to view the GPS coordinates of any location on our device iPhone. The store App Store will offer many apps for this action, but we always prefer to use the standard included app whenever possible.

1) Launch the 'Maps' application from Apple on your own iPhone.

2) Select a specific place on the map for which we want to receive data on geographical width and longitude. This can be done either manually by moving around the map, or you can use the search box located at the bottom of the application interface.

3) If you managed to find the desired place or object on the map, just hold it with your finger until a pin falls on this place or object on the map. If the search for an object on the map was carried out through the search window, then first you should get rid of the results by clicking on the 'x' icon, as shown below. And after that, move the pin manually, as described above.

4) When the pin is in the right place, then with a simple gesture upward, you can call the information map for the object indicated on the map with a pin.

5) And in the same place the GPS coordinates for the selected object will be indicated, in black on a transparent white background!

Unfortunately, Apple has not yet provided a quick way to copy and paste this long, six to seven digit code, so you either have to write it down or type it yourself in Messages, Notes, or whatever. , an application convenient for you. What is the undoubted advantage of this method? And the fact that the accuracy of the data will not raise any doubts!

How do I find a place using only GPS coordinates?

Let's change the role and imagine that now you have received an encrypted message in the form: '40 .697, -74.0409 '. How can you translate width and longitude parameters to a specific location in the Maps app? Easy!

Launch the Maps application again and click on the location or address search box at the bottom of the application window.

  1. Then, without any jokes, we drive in all the numbers obtained (without observing a certain format) and press the 'Search' command.
  2. Watch the magic in action … and this is Ellis Island, home to the Statue of Liberty!

And that's all, now you have become a 'specialist' in transmission and reading of GPS coordinates! If you still have questions about the process, do not hesitate to send them to us. And again, how about a little practice for your newfound skill, try to determine in the Maps application the locations with coordinates 1) 25.0112, 54.9865 or 2) 32.2677, -64.7834?

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