How to view battery life iPhone on Apple Watch

At the moment we know that Apple Watch have quite a few applications that allow you to expand the capabilities of your iPhone. Also, even more opportunities may open when the jailbreak is released Apple Watch. For convenient monitoring of the battery status iPhone it would be nice to see it directly on the watch Apple Watch, but Apple missed this function. Fortunately, this opportunity comes with a simple application.

Kelly Pangburn has developed a really useful app called Battery Watcher that works exactly as you'd expect: quickly and easily watch your battery life iPhone on yours Apple Watch. Here's a quick guide on how to view the battery life iPhone on Apple Watch:

Battery Watcher App

    1. Download and install BatteryWatcher app (App Store itunes link). Of course, there are other applications with the same functionality, but I prefer BatteryWatcher as it is quite simple to use and does not have unnecessary settings.
    2. Run the BatteryWatch app at Apple Watch. Give access to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, scroll down a bit and find BW and click on it. Make sure the “Show App on Apple Watch” toggle is turned on and also turn on “Show in Glances” for quick access to battery level information.
    3. Install the BatteryWatcher app. Open the application to iPhone and check its parameters. As mentioned, this app is very easy to configure, so there shouldn't be any questions here. You can configure hiding or displaying information: while waiting, using the Internet and during a call. How-to-Check - iPhone s-Battery-Life-From - Apple - Watch
    4. Now you can see the battery level iPhone on the watch. Launch the BW app to view battery percentage and other helpful information. Tilt your wrist towards you Apple Watch to check the battery level. Please note that only the battery percentage will be displayed.

Battery Watcher App

Hopefully in the future Apple will add this to the Watch OS feature. But for now, you can use this method to view the battery life iPhone at Apple Watch.

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