How to try new features iOS 11 now

iOS 11 contains many exciting new features including updated App Store and Control Center, built-in screen recording, customizable control center and more.

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The first beta version iOS 11 has recently become available to developers. The official release of the update is expected this fall. We already wrote how you can install iOS 11 without a developer account, but if you decide not to tempt fate and stay on iOS 10, there is good news for you: you can try some innovations right now without updating anything.

There is, however, one important condition: your iOS – the device must be jailbroken. Many features iOS 11 have been inspired by jailbreak tweaks, so if you have a jailbroken smartphone, you can take advantage of them now.

There are no jailbreak tools available for iOS 10.3.2 yet. For versions 10 to 10.2, use Yalu.

How to experience new features iOS 11 to iOS 10

So, here is a list of jailbreak tweaks that will allow you to test the new features iOS 11 on your iPhone with iOS 10:

One-handed keyboard

How to try new features iOS 11 now

The increased screen size of the newer models iPhone would make one-handed typing rather difficult. In iOS 11 this problem is solved by adding a special one-handed mode for the on-screen keyboard. An analogue of this innovation for iOS 10 offers a jailbreak tweak called OneHanded.

Screen recording

iOS 11 contains a built-in screen recorder that can be activated directly from the control center. This is very similar to the CCRecord jailbreak tweak, which assemblies exist for iOS 10. There are also special third-party screen recording programs iPhone; among them AirShou and EveryCord stand out. The latter offers particularly extensive video recording capabilities, including, but not limited to, broadcast support. These applications can be installed on an unjacked smartphone using Cydia Impactor.

Bulk move applications

How to try new features iOS 11 now

iOS 11 brings to life one of the most hotly anticipated features: moving multiple apps at once. Jailbreak users, however, could have enjoyed it a long time ago with the MultiIconMover tweak. It allows you to move multiple icons across home screen pages and directories at once.

Dark mode

How to try new features iOS 11 now

The closest thing to dark mode in iOS 11 comes the 'Smart Inversion' option. Unfortunately, it doesn't work very well with applications like Telegram. If you want a full dark mode on your device, you should definitely try the Eclipse jailbreak tweak. It works correctly with almost all applications in the AppStore and offers many different options.

Improved volume indicator

How to try new features iOS 11 now

Among the most unpleasant things in iOS, the extremely annoying volume indicator is prominent. In iOS 11, work was done with it: it becomes noticeably thinner when watching a video in full screen. On the previous version of the OS, similar functionality is available thanks to the Sonus jailbreak tweak, which displays the volume in the status bar.

Customizable control center

A custom control center is new for iOS 11, but jailbreak tweaks with similar features have been available for a long time. You can even combine them. So, FlipControlCenter will add additional elements to the control center, and CCHide, Polus and Onizuka will help to customize its appearance.

File manager

iOS 11 contains a preinstalled file manager that allows you to manage files in local storage, cloud iCloud and third party cloud services. If you have iOS 10 jailbreak, you can use iFile. This third-party tweak offers a lot more options by providing access to system files and supports almost all existing formats.

These apps and jailbreak tweaks will help you get some of the new iOS 11 on your iOS 10. Which iOS 11 feature do you like best? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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