How to run classic games with Nintendo and Sega on Apple TV

I play Super Mario World on my Apple TV and it's insanely cool! This opportunity appeared with the release of the Provenance emulator for Apple TV. You won't find it in App Store, but Apple allows you to install some applications not from App Store, and Provenance is just one such application.

Provenance - Apple - TV [1]

In this tutorial we will tell you how to install Provenance on Apple TV and play the good old hits of the Nintendo and Sega consoles: there are games from NES, SNES, GBA, Genesis, Game Gear … If you are a fan old games, you will definitely not pass by this application.

We play platformer classics on Apple TV

First, check out the video, everything is demonstrated there in practice.

Step 1: Connect Apple TV to your computer via USB Type-C cable

Step 2: Connect Apple TV to power

Step 3: Go to the Provenance GitHub page and copy the link (clone URL)

Step 4: Launch Xcode, go to Source Control> Check Out, paste the clone URL in the Repository field and click Next

Step 5: Select Master, click Next

Step 6: Click Download

Step 7: Select the Provenance menu item

Step 8: From the dropdown select ProvenanceTV-release then select yours Apple TV

Step 9: When the installation process is complete, click Play to compile the application

Step 10: You may be asked to provide a developer account. If you don't have it, register a free Apple Developer account

Step 11: When the program compiles, a ‘Running Provenance on Apple TV’ message will pop up. Disconnect Apple TV from the poppy and connect it to the TV.

Step 12: Run Provenance and click on Import Roms

Step 13: Use the specified IP address in the Provenance web interface on your computer. All ROMs of games are downloaded from this address, and they can be installed on Apple TV

Super Mario Apple TV

Provenance works with Siri Remote, but to be honest, Siri Remote isn't very suitable for classic games. It would be better to connect some familiar standard game controller.

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