How to mine cryptocurrency on iPhone [no jailbreak]

If you have opened this article, then you probably know very well that now there is a lot of talk about cryptocurrency, and especially Bitcoin, the value of which has been growing rapidly.

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Mining cryptocurrency is a serious business and often requires large, powerful PCs with good graphics cards. But this does not apply to all cryptocurrencies, some can be mined even on iPhone.

This is done using the MobileMiner application. Created by Elias Limneos, the app is compatible with 64-bit devices iOS. Elias is the creator of popular tweaks like CallBar and others. His new app doesn't require jailbreak, but it certainly won't be in App Store. To install MobileMiner, you need to download it from GitHub and upload it to your iPhone via Xcode or Cydia Impactor.

MobileMiner is browser independent and uses a powerful processor iPhone for mining. In addition, the application can run in the background, i.e. you can mine 24/7 without a computer. This will be especially effective on iPhone X with an A11 Bionic processor. Just make sure your battery stays charged.

– Elias Limneos (@limneos) December 21, 2017

The MobileMiner app is not yet popular, and cryptocurrency is definitely not created for everyone. In addition, not all miners prefer to do this on a smartphone. Considering the huge energy consumption of the application, it is definitely not suitable for everyone. If you still want to try it, then it will be a convenient way to mine cryptocurrency with iPhone. Maybe you should start using your brand new iPhone X to its fullest.

The MobileMiner IPA file can be downloaded for free on GitHub, and the application code can also be found there.

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