How to keep macOS and other system updates up to date with macOS Mojave

MacOS Mojave 10.14 has changed the way Mac software updates. New software versions no longer appear in the Updates tab on Mac App Store. Instead, Software Update has become a separate section in the settings. Here's how to update software on a Mac running macOS Mojave.


Key points:

  • Software update is now a separate section in System Preferences.
  • In the new section, you can configure and update programs, quarantine, etc.
  • The software update was not returned to the menu Apple.
  • Mac Updates App Store now only has software updates available.
  • The old options panel disappeared from Mac App Store.

Smart solution

Now macOS updates and other system updates don't appear on Mac App Store. In Mojave, Software Updates are available as a separate section in the settings. Previously, the Software Update item was available in the menu Apple, but it was not returned to Mojave.

How to keep macOS and other system updates up to date with macOS Mojave

Now all options regarding system updates are in one place. This decision Apple makes sense given the new Mac design App Store in Mojave.

How to keep macOS and other system updates up to date with macOS Mojave

If you have been using a Mac for a long time, then remember that previously the Software Update was also a separate section of the settings until 2011. Since Mac OS X 10.4 Lion it has been ported to Mac App Store.

How to update macOS on Mac

1) Select System Settings in the menu Apple or in the dock.

2) Click on the icon with the signature Software update.

How to update macOS on Mac

3) If there is a new version of macOS or another update available, you can view more details about it. updating mojave from a virtual machine

To update macOS, click Install.

You can also turn on Auto-update software by checking the box next to the advisory item. Depending on your preferences, your Mac may download updates in the background.

When the update is downloaded, you will see a notification that new updates are available. You can install the update immediately or later. When a new update is available, you will also see an icon on the System Preferences icon in the Dock.

Other options

In addition to system updates, other options are available in the new section, including quarantine settings and program updates.

To customize the options for yourself, click the Advanced button.

additional macos mojave update options

You can customize the following:

  • Automatically install Mac software updates
  • Check for updates.
  • Download updates if available.
  • Install macOS updates.
  • Install software updates from App Store.
  • Automatically install system files and security updates.

As a security measure, we recommend that you enable automatic installation of security updates to protect yourself from viruses. Software updates remain available on Mac App Store.

If you want to burn the macOS installer to removable media, you can still do that via Mac App Store.

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