How to install jailbreak tweaks on devices with iOS 11 – iOS 11.1.2

If you installed Electra jailbreak for iOS 11 – iOS 11.1.2 on your device, but don't know how to install tweaks without Cydia, we will help you.


Below you will find step by step instructions on how to install jailbreak tweaks on iPhone and iPad with iOS 11 – iOS 11.1.2.


  • You need to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using Electra tool Jailbreak for iOS 11 – iOS 11.1.2. It will not work if you install the Liber jailbreak iOS. Electra contains Substitute, an alternative to Cydia that allows you to install jailbreak apps and tweaks. If you need help with installation, read our step-by-step instructions.
  • Download the FilzaEscaped IPA file from here.
  • If you still haven't installed Cydia Impactor on your computer, download the program from here. Cydia Impactor is available for macOS, Windows, Linux (32 and 64 bits).
  • Download ZipApp Free from App Store this link. You can also use any other similar application.

Step 1: Download FilzaEscaped IPA to your device via Cydia Impactor

Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your computer using the Lightning cable.

Launch Cydia Impactor. The program should detect your device. Drag the FilzaEscaped IPA file you downloaded earlier into the program window. Enter your Apple ID and password and wait for the download process to complete.

After that, check if the FilzaEscaped file has been downloaded to your device.

If you encounter an error 'provision.cpp: 168' in the process, read our article on what to do in this case.

  • How to fix 'provision.cpp: 168' error in Cydia Impactor

Step 2: Download the required jailbreak tweak

A list of jailbreak apps and tweaks compatible with iOS 11 – iOS 11.1.2 can be found here.

From your device, go to and find the theme you like.

Download the theme or tweak file and then open it in the ZipApp Free app. When the application prompts you to unzip the file to the same folder, click 'Yes'.

Step 3: Install the jailbreak tweak

In ZipApp Free, select the extracted folder with .deb extension. Select the 'data.lzma' file and unzip it. You should get a new folder.

Launch FilzaEscaped, select Apps Manager, scroll down and select ZipApp Free.

Then go to the / ZipApp Free / Documents / Imported Files // data / Library / MobileSubstrate / DynamicLibraries folder and hold down dylib and select 'Copy'.

Go back to the / bootstrap / Library / SBInject folder and paste the copied dylib into it.

Do the same with other tweaks. In most cases, they should install successfully.

In some cases, tweaks are more difficult to install. You will need to copy the rest of the content.

In these cases, follow the instructions below. In the example, we used the Cylinder tweak, which adds animation to application icons when scrolling through pages on the home screen.

Go to / ZipApp Free / Documents / ImportedFiles / TweakName / data / Library via FilzaEscaped.

Open the 'PreferenceBundles' folder. Copy the '.bundle' folder.

Go to / bootstrap / Library / PreferenceBundles and paste the '.bundle' into the 'PreferenceBundles' folder.

Return to / ZipApp Free / Documents / ImportedFiles / TweakName / data / Library and go to the 'PreferenceLoader / Preferences' folder in the extracted .deb folder.

Copy the '.plist' folder.

Go to / bootstrap / Library / PreferenceLoader / Preferences and copy the 'plist' file.

Go back to / ZipApp Free / Documents / ImportedFiles / TweakName / data / Library. Copy the 'Cylinder' folder.

Paste the entire folder into / Library, NOT / bootstrap / Library.

Step 4: Reboot your device and restart the jailbreak

After that, you will need to reboot your device and reinstall Electra jailbreak. After that, the installed tweak should start working. You can also respring, but this does not work in all cases.

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