How to install and play Pokémon Go anywhere in the world

Despite limited access, Pokémon Go has quickly become the main mobile hobby for millions of people around the world. The launch of the game saw an increase in Nintendo Account shares by more than 30% of the total online players, outnumbering the number of active daily Twitter users.

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Nintendo have already said they plan to launch the game in Europe and Asia within the next few days, but no word on when the game will be available in App Store other regions.

You can install and play Pokémon Go on your device iOS now, but be prepared to do something about it.

The steps below involve creating a new, US Apple ID. While loading the game in this way, you must switch to the old ID to update the already installed applications. If you want to update Pokémon Go, you must switch to the US Apple ID.

Step 1: Open App Store to iPhone, click on Apple ID at the end of the window and select Exit.

Step 2: Go to Settings> General> Regional Languages, and select the United States of America in the region.

Step 3: Open App Store again, scroll down to Apple ID and click Login. Select Create Apple ID. Confirm the United States region, click Next. Then fill in all the boxes, including the US address (this could be any Starbucks address). Click None for billing information, otherwise you will need to enter your US credit card information.

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Step 4: You will receive an email from Apple to verify your account. After that, go to App Store and install the game as you usually do.

As noted earlier, you will have to enter the original Apple ID to update the applications already installed on the device. Note that any purchases in the Pokémon Go app will be tied to your US account, so we recommend that you only buy in-game items after it is released in your region and you can download the app from your main Apple ID.

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The game may not work in some regions due to geographic restrictions imposed by Niantic and Nintendo. However, this will only affect certain countries.

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