Hidden dark mode in iOS 10

Many users have long awaited the introduction of iOS full system dark mode. Previously, there were many rumors about adding it to iOS 10, but it never happened. But could there be a hidden dark mode in iOS 10? Can.

Hidden iOS 10DarkMode

Unfortunately, screenshots cannot capture this effect, so you'll have to watch the video below:

Typically, if you invert the colors by iPhone, this is exactly what happens. However, there is one exception: App Apple Store. Since the images in the Apple Store have a transparent background, they do not disrupt the appearance of the application.

The easiest way to repeat this trick is to turn on the Settings> General> Accessibility> Keyboard shortcuts> Invert Colors option. After that, it is enough to press the 'Home' button three times to turn on the inversion. You will notice that most applications do not look particularly good in this mode, but if you do the same with App Store it will restart. There is clearly something unusual going on here, as other programs don't do this.

If you now look around in the Apple Store, you can see that everything looks great, just like in true dark mode. This does not seem like an accident at all: the application was almost certainly specially added such a feature.

Do you think this could be a sign of the introduction of dark mode in iOS 11? Share your opinion in the comments.

If you've jailbroken your iPhone, you might be interested in the Eclipse 4 jailbreak tweak that adds dark mode support.

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