Google released an app with questions for celebrities

Yesterday Google released Cameos for iPhone, a new app where celebrities can answer fan questions about themselves and share those responses directly to Google.

Google - Cameos-teaser

The app is dedicated to celebrities, as they are most often the key figures for queries in Google. With this application, celebrities will be able to record video responses to these requests on their own.

There will only be video responses in the application.

'Cameos from Google allows you to be responsible for yourself. Record video answers to the most frequently asked questions in Google and post them directly to Google ', says the description App Store. “Now, when people try to hammer you into searches, they will get answers from you directly.”

The application contains an updated rating of the most popular questions, the answers to which the Internet wants to know. The user can select any of them and answer it. After that, users will find these video answers for their queries.

Cameos is an extension of the 'Posts on Google' platform that allows large organizations and certain individuals to post directly to search results pages Google.

The success of the app depends on which celebrities use it and how often they record their video responses.

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