Get rid of SMS spam with SMS Shield

One cannot but agree that unwanted SMS messages can be annoying, be it spam, alerts, or just annoying friends. More often than not, the phone fails to weed them out.


Interestingly, the question of protecting against unnecessary text messages is rarely raised. Firstly, SMS spam will never be able to match the scale of email; secondly, it is much more difficult to solve this problem satisfactorily.

However, SMS Shield succeeded quite well. After installing and activating this service (the cost varies from $ 0.99 to $ 5.99, depending on the duration of the subscription), you will forget about SMS spam and other unpleasant things forever.

Get rid of SMS spam with SMS Shield

The application is distinguished by three simple but very useful functions. First, SMS Shield contains a customizable blacklist that allows you to filter unwanted messages in various ways: by keywords, numbers or groups of numbers.

The second opportunity is valuable for travelers. If you are visiting other countries frequently, you are probably tired of the many useless notifications and welcome greetings. SMS Shield is able to filter them out automatically.

Third, the service supports machine learning. To put it simply, it is already trained on thousands of advertising emails, and is able to automatically detect them, no matter how spammers trick. The longer you use SMS Shield and point out missed advertisements to it, the better its algorithms become. All filtered messages are sent to a special storage.

All in all, SMS Shield is really almost impenetrable. For many users, it is more than worth the money. Supported languages ​​include English, Italian, Arabic, and Portuguese.

If in doubt, the offer offers a weekly free trial.

You can install SMS Shield via App Store.

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