Funny weather apps for iOS

To be honest, all weather apps are the same. They have air temperature, daily forecast and weekly forecast. There are many applications in App Store with this and various additional information. But why not add a twist to the weather information?

Funny-Weather-Apps-for - iOS

Whether it's humor, sarcasm, or all at once – watching the weather in a funny app is always pleasant and fun. We have collected for you the best funny weather apps that will definitely make you laugh.

Criteria and functions

  • Humor for all tastes: Everyone laughs at different jokes, so we were looking for apps that have everything at once: ordinary humor, sarcasm, etc.
  • Accurate Weather Information: Humor is humorous, and apps should still contain basic weather information and a forecast for the future.

CARROT Weather

Funny weather apps for iOS

If you haven’t heard about the CARROT Weather application, then it picks up sarcastic comments about weather conditions and forecasts.

Special features of CARROT Weather:

  • Weather notifications alert you to bad weather conditions.
  • Character settings let you decide how grumpy the CARROT app will be with its comments.
  • Bonus features: achievements, time travel and augmented reality mode.

In the CARROT Weather app you will find both weather information and funny comments. A little trick: try poking the app interface on the sensors.

  • Support: iPhone, iPad, iMessage, Apple Watch
  • Price: Free with the opportunity to buy a premium version with an extension for Apple Watch, etc.

What The Forecast? !!

Funny weather apps for iOS

If CARROT Weather is just fun, What The Forecast? !! – funny irritable. In it, you can recognize the weather with a note of sarcasm.

Special Features of What The Forecast? !!:

  • App backgrounds change depending on the season and weather conditions.
  • The voice settings let you choose whether you want to see and hear swear words.
  • The ability to add several locations allows you to monitor the weather not only in your city.

What The Forecast? !! sends you notifications, lets you share weather reports with friends, and provides detailed information with funny comments.

  • Support: iPhone and iPad
  • Price: Free option to remove ads and buy more votes.

The Funny Weather

Funny weather apps for iOS

The Funny Weather app has fewer features than the others, so it's great for minimalists.

Special Functions of Funny Weather:

  • The background of the application changes depending on the air temperature, which is very convenient.
  • The 'blasphemy' option is very simple – you can either turn it on or off. Choose for yourself.
  • The ability to add multiple locations allows you to monitor the weather in different cities.

Funny Weather is a simple weather app, but it features sarcastic comments that will make the process of knowing the weather more interesting.

  • Support: iPhone and iPad

Price: Free option to remove ads and buy more phrases.

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