Fortnite for Android won't appear on Google Play Store

Epic Games, which released Fortnite, has announced that the Android version of the game will not appear on the Google Play Store. Instead, the game can be downloaded from the official website or Epic Installer.


The company has pulled out of partnership with Google Play Store for financial reasons and to have a 'direct relationship' with its users.

The head of the company says that Google takes 30% of the sales, which is a lot, given the fact that the game is only presented in the application. With the release of Fortnite for Mac and PC, Epic Games has seen the cost of all of this and is looking to boost its earnings so it can use it for development.

'30% of revenue is a large amount in the gaming industry. The remaining 70% is spent on developing, providing and supporting games. This makes sense for consoles as well as affiliate programs. '

The Fortnite version for iOS is hugely popular. The game has already raised over $ 100 million for Epic Games. The company could not release the game for this platform on the website because of the bans Apple. Installing games and applications not from App Store is simply prohibited. Because of this, Epic Games was forced to add the game to App Store and give Apple 30% of all proceeds.

On Android you can install apps from third-party sources, so Epic Games decided to take advantage of this.

Epic Games is confident that the Fortnite version for Android will be as popular as the version for iOS. The game will be supported by various devices with Android, on which it will work without any problems or interruptions.

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