Final Cut Pro X Update Contains Support for Third Party Extensions

Apple has officially released an update to Final Cut Pro X, adding support for third-party extensions and other new features and improvements.


You should now be able to use the, Shutterstock and CatDV extensions. With these extensions, you can use third-party services and tools without leaving the Final Cut Pro interface.


Other new features in Final Cut Pro X 10.4.4 include noise reduction, co-op mode, and a new 'before / after' mode that makes it easy to compare the initial work with the result.


In addition, a new timecode window has appeared, as in the screenshot below. Apple thinks it will allow video editors to better follow their work with colored clip names and the like. on a custom display.


Other improvements:

  • High quality video noise reduction: Minimizes noise in low light and archived videos.
  • SRT Private Signatures: You can now create SRT private signatures.
  • Improved selection: Quickly select individual clips or the entire secondary tape.
  • Collaborative Mode: Export clips and complete projects quickly and easily.

And here is a complete postscript to the update:


  • Extend Final Cut Pro's capabilities with third-party extensions right in the program's interface.
  • Drag and drop clips between extension windows, browser and timeline.
  • Connect to third-party accounts to access projects, download media and purchase content.
  • Extensions can manage timeline, navigation, markers, etc.

Joint mode

  • Export multiple clips in the browser.
  • Select and export multiple projects.
  • Decode files to multiple formats at once.
  • Track the progress of the import process.

Noise suppression

  • Apply high quality noise reduction effect.
  • Quickly adjust the amount of suppression with simple controls.
  • Quickly change the order of processing by dragging the effect.
  • Noise canceling effect is only displayed on pause for best performance.
  • Apply 360 ° noise reduction to 360 ° videos.


  • View project and source timecode in one window.
  • Change and move the timecode window.
  • The clip names are displayed for convenience.
  • The timecode colors correspond to the colors of the video tape.

Before / after mode

  • Use the mode to compare the initial work with the result.
  • Choose any clips for reference.
  • Save references for future work.

Tiny Planet

  • Select 'Tiny Planet' mode to add 360º video to non-360 ° projects to create spherical video.
  • Move objects around the sphere.

Other new features

  • View, edit, and add closed signatures in the SRT format used on various sites, including Facebook.
  • Select individual clips or the entire secondary tape.
  • Convert any photo or video into a comic instantly using a special filter.

Motion and Compressor have also been updated. Motion has new tools and filters, while Compressor has a 64-bit engine with support for 32-bit codecs.

The Final Cut Pro 10.4.4 update is available free of charge to those who already have the software installed. New customers can download Final Cut Pro X for RUR 22,990. from Mac App Store.

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