Face ID will not be able to confirm purchases of family members

Apple positions Face ID as a revolutionary way to authenticate a user. But now it seems that the company itself is not completely sure about the security of this system. This is how some publications explain that on iPhone X you cannot use a 3D scanner to confirm 'Ask to Buy' requests from children or other members of your family.


Instead, if user iPhone X receives such a request, he will need to enter the password for his account. This is extremely inconvenient if we are talking about several purchases at once – for example, if a child was bought his first smartphone. In this case, your own purchases in App Store or through Apple Pay can be confirmed by the scanner.

Moreover, it does not show Apple the best side: the good old Touch ID offers more functionality than the innovative Face ID. At the same time, most of the developers of applications using the biometric scanner quickly introduced support for Face ID after the release of iPhone X. It is because of this that the only thought that comes to mind is that the system is imperfect. In addition, there is enough evidence for this. We recently wrote that in China Apple, they are even accused of racism due to the fact that Face ID cannot distinguish between different people. We hope the security of this technology will improve over time.

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