Earn points with your eyebrows in Rainbrow game for iPhone X

After the release of ARKit from Apple, there were many new interesting games and applications. One such game is Rainbrow, which is controlled by eyebrows. It is designed for iPhone X and uses a TrueDepth camera.


The game was created by Nathan Gitter, a computer science graduate at the University of Washington. As you can see in the demo video below, the gameplay is pretty simple: the user has to control emoji on the screen, earning points. There are also obstacles in the game, which make it quite difficult to move emoji.

The emoji movement is controlled by the movements of your eyebrows. In general, everything is clear in the video. The game is very addictive, but after a while my face starts to hurt because of it. However, at the heart of the game is an innovative idea brought to life with ARKit.

The game requires access to a front-facing camera with which it can track facial movements. All data does not leave your device, so there is no security risk.

Rainbrow is a free download on iTunes App Store and has had a lot of positive reviews already. The developer has promised to add more emoji in the future, as well as add in-game purchases to the game. Given how addictive this game is, that would be the right decision.

Download → Rainbrow in iTunes App Store

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