Cool optical illusion on iPhone X with augmented reality

One of the most striking innovations iOS 11 is the arrival of ARKit, a set of tools that allows developers to create augmented reality applications. Since the release of the update, many amazing applications have come out with this technology. While it's hard to say that augmented reality has completely changed the way people think about iPhone, the potential is huge.


One of the more interesting videos using ARKit was posted by Peter Norrby, a developer from Sweden. This is the result of a program he wrote that creates a realistic optical illusion. “No post-processing,” the creator said.

How is this possible? Norrby revealed that he used ARKit's face tracking feature at iPhone X to make this tracking volumetric.

Note that later the developer wants to upload his application (it is called, by the way, The Parallax View) in App Store – and make it free. If you are interested in the technical aspects of the project, then Norrby promised to make the source code publicly available later.

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