Commands 2.1: new actions for Weather, Clock, etc.

Together with iOS 12.1 Apple has released an update to the Team 2.1 app with many improvements in the form of new actions for the Weather, Clock and Photos app.

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Here's what the update notes say:

  • Use weather data in your Quick Commands with the new Get Current Weather and Get Weather Forecast actions.
    • Set alarms and timers with new actions 'Create alarm', 'Switch alarm' and 'Start timer'.
    • Conversion of units of measure in the new actions 'Measure' and 'Convert units of measure'.
    • Access the last photos imported into the Photos program using the Get Last Import action.
    • Auto-play media through AirPlay when you run a quick command from HomePod using Siri.
    • Bug fixes.

The Teams app can be downloaded from App Store for free.

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