Can I use iPhone X without Face ID and other technology questions

Users have a lot of questions about iPhone X and the new Face ID feature that scans your face. Some people want to know if iPhone X can be used without Face ID for unlocking and other tasks like Apple Pay or in-app authentication.

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If for some reason you do not want the phone to scan your face, then you will be glad to hear that the answer is yes – you can use iPhone X without Face ID, the function is optional. You don't have to register your face at all.

Below we will answer a few popular questions about Face ID and iPhone X.

Do I have to use Face ID on iPhone X?

No. If you don't want to use face recognition, then you don't even need to set it up. Without Face ID, you won't be able to unlock your phone just by looking at it, and instead you'll have to enter your passcode every time. More on this in more detail.

Can I skip setting up Face ID on iPhone X right away?

Yes. The first time you set up your device, you can skip the Face ID face scan process entirely. Instead, you will need to come up with a password.

How to unblock iPhone X without Face ID?

You can unlock iPhone X with a password, like any other model iPhone.

To unlock iPhone X without Face ID, simply pick it up, touch the screen or press the side button. Then swipe up the screen. A screen will appear where you will need to enter your password.

This method should appeal to fans of the good old 'unlock swipe' that existed before. Only now you need to swipe up the screen, not to the left. With the same gesture on iPhone X, you need to return to the main screen.

Can I use iPhone X without Face ID and other technology questions

If not using Face ID, can I swipe to unlock my phone?

Yes. If you do not configure Face ID, then unlocking will be done with a swipe up.

Can I turn off Face ID if it's already set up?

Yes. Even if you've finished setting up Face ID, you can turn off the feature.

In the Settings, this can be done completely or temporarily in several ways, which we have described here.

If I change my mind, can I turn Face ID back on?

Yes, Face ID can be turned on and configured at any time in Settings> Face ID & passcode.

Can i create Animoji without Face ID?

Yes. You can create and send Animoji to iPhone X without Face ID.

In case you don't know, Animoji uses the front-facing camera to capture your facial movements and recreate them with an animated character on the screen in Messages. The result is short videos of characters that follow your movements and your voice. Among them there are unicorn, bear, dog, cat, turd, etc.

Can I use iPhone X without Face ID and other technology questions

What happens if you don't use Face ID?

Apart from the lack of Face ID capabilities, nothing. You will simply lose access to the following functions:

  • You cannot quickly unlock iPhone X by scanning your face while swiping. Instead, you will need to swipe the screen, and then also enter the password.
  • You will not be able to confirm purchases and payments Apple Pay with a face scan.
  • You won't be able to use Face ID at all unless you enable and configure it. It would seem that this is obvious, but some still ask this question.

Remember that iPhone X doesn't have Touch ID and has been completely replaced by Face ID. Basically, if you don't use Face ID, you will need to enter a password to unlock your phone, confirm purchases, use Apple Pay, Apple Cash, iTunes, App Store and other services that require authentication.

Can someone else use my iPhone X if my face is registered on it?

Yes, if they know the password for your iPhone X.

Or, they can bring iPhone X to your face for you to look at. This will work too.

Face ID can be temporarily disabled. So if you are concerned about your safety, then it is worth reading about how it is done.

Is Face ID secure? Is my data secure?

Many people who don't like Face ID worry about their privacy and security. Who or what can access your data? How is your face data protected?

Apple answered these questions:

Privacy is very important for Apple. Face ID data, including the mathematical model of your face, is encrypted and secured by the Secure Enclave. They will change and update over time after each successful authentication to make Face ID work better. The data will also be updated when the facial resemblance is great, but a password is used to unlock. Face ID data does not leave your device and is not copied to iCloud or anywhere else.

All the questions about Face ID are similar to the questions about Touch ID that started popping up after the technology was released a few years ago. Apple can confidently say that all your personal data is protected. You can learn more about how Face ID works here.

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