Bug iOS 11 prevents simple calculations in the Calculator

In the past Apple has repeatedly named iOS the most advanced operating system in the world. A company that used to be famous for its attention to detail and high quality, it is not up to the mark. In iOS 11, a bug was found that prevents simple calculations like 1 + 2 + 3 in the calculator at iPhone / iPad.


The answer to the example above should be 6, but the calculator returns either 23 or 24. An error occurs if you quickly add 1, 2 and 3 – the '+' character is not read by the system for some reason. You might think that the bug is in the application itself, but the error does not occur if you enter the example slowly. Since the problem is in iOS 11, it occurs on all iPhone and iPad with this OS version.

Bug iOS 11 prevents simple calculations in the Calculator

Many Reddit users blame long animations that don't automatically cancel when you type numbers quickly. Most likely Apple will fix this bug in iOS 11.1 due out this month.

Few use the calculator iOS 11 every day. Most users prefer to download more advanced calculator apps from App Store. However, this is not an excuse for Apple overlooking such a simple and small bug.

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