Beware of Fraudulent Apps Using Touch ID

Although Apple has removed Touch ID from all its new devices, the feature continues to be hugely popular and is often used in the real world.


This means that hackers and developers never stop trying to defraud owners of iPhone and iPad with this biometric authentication system. Recently it was revealed that the apps 'Calories Tracker' and 'Fitness Balance' use Touch ID to trick users up to $ 100. The worst thing is that because of the quality Touch ID, they do it.

Users noticed cheating last week. Here's how it works: Apps have a fitness tracker feature that requires the user to place their finger on the Touch ID scanner to create a 'personalized diet' etc. When the finger is already on the scanner, an in-app notification appears with an in-app purchase for various amounts up to $ 100. Users do not have time to understand what is happening, and money is debited from their account.

Here's the app in action:

Scam iOS apps has been found on Apple App Store tricking users to pay over $ 100

Apps ask for fingerprint right at the moment when paying pop-up shows, which is accepted by user fingerprint.https: //

– Lukas Stefanko (@LukasStefanko) December 3, 2018

The user must hold his finger on the scanner for 10 seconds, so that during this time he can look away from the screen, and deception becomes even easier.

The apps have a similar design, so most likely they were created by the same developer. For now, both apps have been removed from App Store. Always be careful when downloading and installing applications, even from App Store. There are still a lot of such fraudulent applications, so beware of deception.

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