Best Learning Apps Apple TV for Kids

If Apple TV everyone loves to use in your home, then it's worth installing educational apps for your kids. We have collected for you the best free apps that kids will definitely love. More importantly, they will teach children different knowledge in English. It's time to start combining business with pleasure.

Bug-Party - Apple - TV-Featured

Criteria and functions

  • Variety of Topics: You can find many applications that specialize in specific topics like math, spelling or reading. However, it is much more convenient when one application contains several topics at once.
  • Ease of Use: Any app for kids should be simple and straightforward to use.
  • Variety of content: Games, pictures and videos are great learning tools. With all of this in the app, your kids will learn more.

Endless Learning Academy

Endless-Learning-Academy - Apple - TV

Endless Learning Academy is a fun app Apple TV with colorful characters, hilarious sounds and lots of ways to learn. Here, in the form of games, your child will learn the following:

  • Knowledge of the alphabet and numbers in English.
  • Spelling and sounds in English.
  • Counting and mathematics.
  • Reading and vocabulary in English.
  • Spanish + music.

With the remote control Siri you can control the application. Just pick a subject and start. The app is designed for children aged 2 to 6 and learning is safe and fun.

  • Support: iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.
  • Price: Free + in-app purchases of additional content.

PlayKids – Learn Through Play

PlayKids - Apple - TV PlayKids is another educational app that your child will love. Children can choose from a variety of shows, games, and other tools to teach and test their skills. Here are just a few of the options available:

  • Development of coordination in a special game.
  • Knowledge about animals, science, space, health, etc. in promising videos and pictures.
  • Train your memory by playing with cards.
  • Drawing according to instructions.

PlayKids contains a fair amount of games and free content. You can also buy even more options with a special subscription. The PlayKids app is intended for children from 2 to 8 years old.

  • Support: iPhone, iPad, iMessage, Apple Watch, Apple TV and Android.
  • Price: Free + in-app purchases of additional content.

Bug Party

Bug-Party - Apple - TV Bug Party is a unique learning app that is fun to learn. Children can play alone or with friends, answer questions on various topics, etc. This is how the Bug Party works:

  • Choose a level based on your child's age.
  • Use mini-games to develop memory, coordination, etc.
  • Play special games with the whole family to test your skills.
  • Test yourself in adult games!

Bug Party is a great app that will definitely be interesting for your child. Plus, you can play games with the whole family.

  • Support: iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.
  • Price: Free + in-app purchases of additional content.

Education is an integral part of parenting, and the above applications will help you with this.

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