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Betternet app provides VPN services. The service is activated on iPhone with one click and connects to the optimal location. If you need to connect to a specific location, you can choose from several countries, including multiple locations in the US, for a low monthly fee. It is safe, fast and stable.

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There are many legitimate reasons for using a VPN. A VPN (virtual private network) service hides your IP address by redirecting your internet connection point to a different IP address in a different location. This allows you to visit websites while hiding your location.

You don't need to use a VPN all the time, but it is ideal when accessing the Internet from an unsecured public Wi-Fi hotspot or when visiting certain websites that are restricted based on your location. Quality VPN apps for iPhone do not store data about the pages you visit or personal information. Betternet is the best VPN for iPhone.

Setting up a VPN connection via Betternet

VPN is an integral part of the core iOS, so Betternet only provides an access point. After downloading the app, you need to set a configuration profile in 'Settings' so that iOS knows that you want to connect to the VPN protocol via the Betternet app.

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You can then go back to the Betternet app to get started. The easiest way to connect is to click on the Connect button. Within a few seconds the Betternet app will connect your device and you can start using the Internet. The service is free and secure.

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Betternet does not analyze your data. On their site, the developers tell you how they make money, none of which includes the illegal use of your data or the display of annoying ads.

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The only way to monetize is through advertising on the Betternet app, but not while visiting the web. From time to time, when connected to VPNs, the app will ask you to watch a short ad. The button will say “Watch the video and connect”, but after a few seconds your VPN connection will be activated. You can reject this request: click on 'Skip and Connect' under the main button.

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Feel free to reject proposals entirely. The next time you connect to VPNs, open the Settings app and turn on the VPN option at the top of the bookmark. As long as you have the Betternet app installed and the profile added, your device will connect to VPNs without ads or the need to run third-party apps. If you want to support Betternet, launch the app and watch a short ad.

Advanced functions and change of location

Betternet's fast activation is more than enough for most users looking to use a VPN service. For those trying to access blocked sites in the office or country, more functionality is needed.

The premium version of the app offers users multiple location options, faster connections, and priority technical support. The cost of using is 749 rubles. per month or 4490 rubles. for an annual service – the latter option benefits from a 51 percent discount.

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Location options in the premium version include seven cities in the United States: Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Virginia, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, and Seattle (Virginia is a state). Alternatively, you can connect via an IP address from the United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, France, Australia, Germany, Singapore, or Hong Kong. This provides precise control over your IP address in an already intuitive VPN application interface.

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Betternet charges money for the ability to change location, but the cost is not high, especially if you buy an annual subscription to the service. Another disadvantage of the service is the lack of information about the currently used IP-address or location, even if you connect for free. The app tells you that you are connected 'from the optimal location' in the United States, but does not specify which one.

Download Betternet app for iOS

➤ Betternet in store App Store (free).

VPN / VPN proxy Betternet VPN / VPN Proxy Betternet Price: Free +

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