Best Free Games 2018 for iPhone: Sage Solitaire, Mikey Jumps

We bring you the third part of the list of the best games of 2018 for iPhone, which you can play completely free. The first part of the list can be found here. The second part can be seen here.

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Important! About in-game purchases. Many free games include In-App Purchases. In this roundup, we've highlighted the key in-app purchases for each game and where they get in the way of free play.

21. Crazy Taxi

Yes, yes and yes again! Oh, those serene days of gaming in the early 2000s, with the Sega Dreamcast plugged in to the TV, the 'All I Want' of the iconic The Offspring coming from the speakers, and a taxi racing wildly through virtual San Francisco.

Now, over 10 years later, the Sega classics have taken on a modern twist and leaked to iPhone – and it works! Works great despite virtual controls (simplicity helps here: accelerate; brake; turn left and right; double tap to drift).

The main part of the game is to get the passenger to their destination as quickly as possible in order to earn money. Pick up a travel companion and a large green arrow will appear above your taxi, indicating the direction of travel. Drive like a madman along the way to get a tip from an agitated passenger – but do not overdo it, otherwise the latter may leave the car.

As in a real taxi, exploring the terrain in the game is the key to making money. Only now, unlike real taxi drivers, you spend most of your time hovering in the air and landing on rooftops, and sometimes plunging under water – this could make insurance workers seriously worried.

The game may seem underdeveloped by today's standards, but its fresh, vibrant, frantic gameplay lives on timelessly. Crazy Taxi Classic surpasses all Sega attempts to modernize the series, bypassing both the linear city runner Crazy Taxi City Rush and the mindless clicker called Crazy Taxi Tycoon.

In-App Purchases: Crazy Taxi offers a one-time purchase of the premium version, which costs $ 149, which removes all non-Sega ads and allows you to play offline. If you have previously paid for the game, you can restore your purchase and take advantage of these benefits.

Download Crazy Taxi in App Store

Best Free Games 2018 for iPhone: Sage Solitaire, Mikey Jumps22. Infiniroom

Infiniroom is an endless runner in a confined space with elements of reaction speed testing, and in this the game is similar to Super Hexagon.

When you start Infiniroom, the little hero of the game will run first forward, and then along the walls and ceiling. As he runs in circles (more precisely, rectangles), he has to jump over electrical boxes that periodically appear on the way. In any case, this is how the first ten seconds of the game go.

After that, Infiniroom literally goes crazy. A warning sign flashes – and a piece of the room disappears (along with you inside if you weren't careful enough). Or, for a while, new areas open up, allowing a breath of air – but only a little. Any element of Infiniroom that may seem 'light' at some point changes immediately when saws start to clang in your path, and killer laser beams penetrate the walls.

And what a feeling when you get into the right area of ​​the room, but your potentially best result is destroyed in an instant! However, Infiniroom maintains a thin line where you don't want to throw your iPhone out of frustration – it's a totally addictive game that combines a certain amount of masochism with engaging and clever intuitive gameplay.

In-app purchases: In the 'premium version' of the game, which costs 229 rubles, ads and access restrictions to blocked characters are removed.

Download Infiniroom at App Store

Best Free Games 2018 for iPhone: Sage Solitaire, Mikey Jumps

23. Sage Solitaire

Many developers play with the traditional Solitaire game, mostly based on card sorting solitaire. The result is a free game filled with cartoon characters. Sage Solitaire is more minimalistic, but designed specifically for your iPhone portrait orientation.

Developer Zach Gage seems to have wondered why most solitaire games designed for phones with screen sizes significantly smaller than a card table mimic the classic 'Klondike Solitaire' and 'Freecell' setups. Tiny cards (otherwise they simply would not fit on the screen) and all too familiar strategies … Gage offered his own answer in the form of a 3 × 3 grid, poker elements and a virtual trip to Vegas.

In the main game of Sage Solitaire, you earn points for removing poker hands. The better the hand, the more points are given for it. The strategy is based on the rule that you must use cards from several rows to collect each new hand. The decks at the top of the screen contain more cards than the bottom, so the cards in the latter should be spent sparingly. Moreover, a randomly chosen suit becomes a multiplier – when using one or more cards of this suit in the hand, the points are doubled. There are two 'trash' icons for deleting individual cards. After each successful hand, one 'basket' is resumed.

Clearing the table three times will unlock Vegas Mode. Here you get a virtual bank account, and cash prizes are awarded only for those hands that include multiplier suit cards. By clearing the top rows, your winnings are greatly increased. Only a variety of subtle strategies will lead you to success, which is why Vegas is initially locked out – otherwise it will be too easy for a beginner to burn out his limited finances. Once you unlock Vegas mode and earn $ 800, you can try your luck at True Gift – here, if your play money is gone, it's forever.

In-app purchases: The only in-game purchase worth 229 rubles unlocks two more modes (Double Deck and Fifteens), removes ads (I must admit, quite unobtrusive), provides tracking statistics, unlocking and accounting for achievements that you can earn.

Download Sage Solitaire in App Store

Best Free Games 2018 for iPhone: Sage Solitaire, Mikey Jumps

24. Mikey Jumps

The original Mikey game called Mikey Shorts was reminiscent of Super Mario Bros, where you had to get to the finish line before the timer expired. In the sequels Mikey Hooks and Mikey Boots, the protagonist got a grappling hook to grab and swing at speed, and magic flying boots. In Mikey Jumps, all of this is transformed into a dizzying platformer, consisting of auto-playable levels that fit on a single screen.

The lack of scrolling can seem like a disadvantage at first, and the continuous nature of the game can be annoying for fans of traditional platformers. However, in reality, Mikey Jumps works, probably even better than its predecessors, focusing the player's attention on each of the tiny levels and forcing them to improve their passage times. After all, one-thumb control gives you less room for error, and you have room for improvement.

Nevertheless, it will not be possible to slip through several dozen levels in one fell swoop. Mikey Jumps will regularly bother you – knocking you out of the way and regularly throwing up new enemies and dangers. If by some miracle you still pass the main game, there is an endless mode for you, which in theory can be played forever.

In-app purchases: You can purchase the premium version of the game for 299 rubles. Advantages: no ads, doubling coins and more lives (3 instead of 6). Other in-app purchases allow you to permanently unlock various costumes and accessories.

Download Mikey Jumps at App Store

Best Free Games 2018 for iPhone: Sage Solitaire, Mikey Jumps

25. Alphabear

Another word game? Yes, but with bears! It is really nice and addictive easily. The game starts with a board with letters. Click on a word – and the space occupied by letters is immediately replaced by bears surrounded by more letters.

Countdown timers also complicate the game. Initially, the green letters, when unused, turn yellow, orange and then red. Ignoring the red letters at your own risk leads to the fact that they turn into stones that block the expansion of bears.

Perhaps you could not understand the meaning of the phrase 'bears expansion' … No, we were not mistaken – bears in Alphabear literally stretch out, filling the available space. Thus, in the game you will see bears tall and thin, wide and squat, and if you clear all the letters, one big bear fills the entire screen. At the end of the round, giant beasts result in a huge amount of points and a player's joy.

This bearish fun is not without its drawbacks. A constant internet connection is required for online synchronization, and there is also a special currency in the game – one for the 'energy' needed to enter a new round, another for quickly moving forward and participating in special events. There you get treasures in the form of especially rare bears with unique abilities. When brought into play at the start of a new round, such a bear will seriously increase your score, but this mechanic complicates rather than improves Alphabear's play.

All in all, however, it's still a very enjoyable and fun game.

In-App Purchases: Coins can be purchased, but they are not required to progress in the game. Buying endless honey for $ 49 can be a good investment if you don't want to wait for restocking.

Download Alphabear at App Store

Best Free Games 2018 for iPhone: Sage Solitaire, Mikey Jumps

26. Up the Wall

Against the Wall is another continuous game. It all starts with a slot machine that captures the prize. Click on the screen and the object will rush along the stylized vector terrain. Your task is to guide him left and right to reach the finish line, avoiding obstacles.

The game is confusing at every turn, luring you to move up the wall at right angles. The floors sometimes disappear or acquire massive spikes. Often you will have to quickly fly through the teleport, and you need to have time to follow the game.

The game looks downright stunning, whether you're a burger flying through a restaurant, a weird looking taxi in a big city, or a rubber duck trying to survive in a bathroom full of dangers you couldn't possibly imagine.

It is noteworthy that each task is clearly fixed – instead of spewing an endless number of random levels, 'On the Wall' will force you to improve the passage of each and collect three hard-to-reach diamonds along the way. Also, you are limited in time – the countdown starts when you first start the level. If the timer runs out before you complete the passage, you will again find yourself at the slot machine – try your hand at a new level.

In-app purchases: For 75 rubles, you can remove ads from the game. You can also purchase packs of retarders and shields worth 75 rubles for 10 pieces or 299 rubles for 45 pieces, but these purchases are less profitable.

Download 'On the Wall' in App Store

Best Free Games 2018 for iPhone: Sage Solitaire, Mikey Jumps

27. 'Fairway Solitaire'

Golf, solitaire cards and an angry gopher face all combine in one game. Each game session includes three map screens. When you click on a card that turns out to be older or, conversely, younger than the one that was last drawn from the deck, it goes into discard. The goal is to keep as few cards face up as possible – these then turn into your golf score. Meet the steam (maximum number of 'hits') to unlock the next level.

The description may sound a little boring, but a game that combines a calm sport where you hit a small ball with a club with a card game is unlikely to be shocking. However, Fairway Solitaire is a surprisingly fresh, fun game. Elements such as vivid visuals, a special atmosphere of the game and even very strange cutscenes, where the aforementioned gopher tries to take revenge on you for his fallen ancestor, create such an impression.

Since this is Solitaire, it is impossible to avoid the natural frustration of dealing with bad cards. On more challenging levels, you will feel that the game is pushing you somewhat towards in-app purchases to extend your turns. Nevertheless, there is the possibility of retakes in the game, which means that there is always room for strategy for those who want to focus, and not fold cards at random.

In-app purchases: You can buy coins. The cost varies from 149 rubles for 5,000 coins to 3,790 rubles for 420,000. You can also purchase various bonuses, but this is not necessary, it is much better to hone your skills and repeat the unsuccessfully completed level several times.

Download 'Fairway Solitaire' at App Store

Best Free Games 2018 for iPhone: Sage Solitaire, Mikey Jumps

28. Letterpress

This word game is quite risky because it resembles both board games to capture territory and games to form long words from a set of letters.

In games on a 5 × 5 board, each player builds a word in turn. The letters of the composed word are colored in your color. If you manage to surround the letter tile with others, it takes on an even deeper shade. This point is crucial – darker tiles cannot be touched during an opponent's turn.

Therefore, victory in Letterpress is largely determined by the development of a strategy – you need to gradually increase your territory in the game. Even someone who considers himself a walking dictionary will not succeed if the letters in the large words he compiled are randomly scattered on the playing field.

If you don't feel like playing with a friend, you can fight a computer 'bot'. Letterpress also keeps track of statistics in real time, which will delight players looking to increase their winnings in the future.

In-app purchases: For 379 rubles, you can remove ads from the game.

Download Letterpress at App Store

Best Free Games 2018 for iPhone: Sage Solitaire, Mikey Jumps

29. Beneath The Lighthouse

We have never been under the lighthouse. To be honest, we always assumed that there would be mostly stones. However, in this game you will find certain death there in the form of rotating rooms lined with spikes and blades. Here, in spite of everything, you must find the missing grandfather and re-ignite the lighthouse fire.

Combining dexterity and quick wits, you descend deep into the lighthouse. The controls are very thoughtful: you turn the room, and gravity sets the main character in motion. The difficulty increases gradually: if the initial levels do not cause difficulties, then the game turns into a real challenge.

In-app purchases: The game is completely free. However, after dying three times on the same level and spending all your lives (and this happens all the time), you will have to watch ads to play further. Advertising can be completely disabled for 299 rubles.

Download Beneath The Lighthouse in App Store

Best Free Games 2018 for iPhone: Sage Solitaire, Mikey Jumps

30. Little Broken Robots

Having launched Little Broken Robots, engineers may be offended: their real work is much more difficult than shown in the game. Indeed, the first levels are so easy to pass that you might not notice. The aim of the game is simple: fix broken robots by connecting all the dots with lines and filling the entire board.

At the beginning, the boards are small, and the lines must be drawn short. But gradually their sizes increase, and you have to seriously think about the correct arrangement of the lines. Then you start to meet nodes with which several wires are connected, and the game turns into a real puzzle. Even offended engineers can admit that Little Broken Robots is not that easy.

But even when you puzzle over a barely passable level, the game is still fun. Nice music plays in the background, the graphics are pleasing to the eye, and robots are curiously watching your work and cheering you on. When you are done, they will be packaged and sent to their destination.

In-app purchases: You get many levels without paying anything. If they run out, you can buy a random generation of new ones for 229 rubles.

Download Little Broken Robots in App Store

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