Best Free Games 2018 for iPhone: Rodeo Stampede, Crossy Road

The final part of the list of the best games of 2018 for iPhone, which are completely free to play. The first part of the list can be found here. The second part can be seen here. The third part is available at this link.


Important! About in-game purchases. Many free games include In-App Purchases. In this roundup, we've highlighted the key in-app purchases for each game and where they get in the way of free play.

31. Rodeo Stampede

In this endless runner, you have to ride a buffalo and make a difficult path on horseback. This description may seem strange, but the subsequent action itself is even more surprising. When you hold your thumb on the screen for a long time, sliding left and right to avoid getting hit by rocks, your horse starts to tire and may even throw you off his back. Letting go of your thumb to soar briefly into the air will help you continue driving and not hit your face in the dirt (in the most literal sense).

Having saddled a new animal, hold on tight, and maybe you will be able to win his heart! As soon as the rodeo is over, you will find yourself in the zoo, located right on the aircraft, in the middle of the clouds. After that, you create and improve enclosures for your animals and get profit from visitors. But here's enough of the zoo again – and you are unceremoniously thrown to the ground.

Rodeo Stampede is a unique blend of playstyles that combines endless runner and management activities. Frankly, if you do not want to spend money on in-app purchases, but want to see new entertainment and ensure the smooth operation of your 'heavenly' zoo, you will have to visit the game every day.

In-app purchases: You can purchase in-game coins by paying, for example, 229 rubles for 3000 or 749 rubles for 15000 coins. Buying income doubler or unlimited missions will cost 459 rubles. The latest purchase speeds up your progress in the game and allows you to buy sequels with in-game coins instead of watching ads.

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Best Free Games 2018 for iPhone: Rodeo Stampede, Crossy Road

32. Circle Affinity

The paid version of Circa Infinity is an innovative, chaotic and endlessly engaging platformer. An irresistible, captivating game that is dizzy and disorienting as you jump into concentric circles full of monsters. Circle Affinity is a free version of the original.

Circle Affinity is good enough and very different from other endless games. The goal is to get into the sector of the circle and then jump into the smaller adjacent ball. However, this is easier said than done – your brain has to keep track of a little running guy everywhere, sometimes inside the circle, then outside, while not forgetting about the monsters wandering around and spewing spit.

Plus, don't forget the giant long spikes at the edges of the screen and a snarling alien predator trying to nip at your feet. Is this not an incentive for movement?

In-app purchases: By paying RUB 169, you can remove ads from the game. The $ 229 purchase will unlock all game modes and color schemes.

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Best Free Games 2018 for iPhone: Rodeo Stampede, Crossy Road

33. Super Senso

Super Senso is a very colorful and light-hearted turn-based tactical game that is only slightly overshadowed by the sheer emphasis on in-game cases and other in-app purchases.

You are playing online against other players. The goal of each is to destroy the opponent's headquarters (called Senso Gate in the game). In doing so, you either carry out direct attacks or use special combo attacks. The latter are unlocked when you destroy the enemy army, while you will need to master tactics and think not only about where you strike, but also when you do it.

At the beginning of the game, you will have standard combat units at your disposal, but as you progress further, you can unlock more interesting positions. Outside of combat, they are presented as cards, and in each battle you take a 'deck' of six combat units. You can deploy a unit into battle by paying the cost, measured in Senso Gel. In-game currency, in turn, can be obtained for the destruction of opponents' combat units.

Also, in every battle, you get treasure chests. To improve and strengthen the army, you can use duplicate cards. You can also buy cards directly using coins earned during the game.

The biggest problem lies in the fact that the contents of the chests are not immediately available – even after you've honestly earned the chest, it remains locked by default for a while. Waiting for a reward for 3 hours, especially when the game offers an in-app purchase to speed up unlocking, is very annoying. Otherwise, in-app purchases are rather unobtrusive.

In-app purchases: It is possible to purchase game cases and currencies for real money, but this is completely unnecessary. The main game is completely free to play.

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Best Free Games 2018 for iPhone: Rodeo Stampede, Crossy Road

34. Crossy Road

Crossy Road is more or less like Frogger with isometric graphics and a single level that lasts forever. This may not please the main character of the game, who has to jump along endless busy tracks, cross railroad lines and rivers full of floating logs before inevitably being crushed, drowned, or run over by a train. But it will delight you as a player, because the game is an endless, repeated challenge. The controls are perfect – just tap the screen to jump forward, or swipe to move in any direction.

Crossy Road looks great. The visuals are so bright and funny that you can even get annoyed when your hero is crushed or captured by a creepy bird of prey, you just have time to delay an extra second.

Plus, Crossy Road doesn't tire with in-app purchases, although there are a lot of collectibles in the game. Of course, you can buy one of the many new characters, but there is also an alternative way to top up your game wallet – for example, collecting coins while playing or watching ads. You can even do nothing at all – no player will be left without virtual currency.

You can also try your luck at the slot machine. It has everything from the vampire turning Crossy Road into a dark landscape in shades of red to 'Doge' making comical comments.

In-app purchases: Most of the in-app purchases for $ 29 are character unlocks. In addition, you can purchase a coin doubler for 249 rubles or the option 'Slide on ice' for 169 rubles.

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Best Free Games 2018 for iPhone: Rodeo Stampede, Crossy Road

35.Battle Golf Online

The mobile app market is littered with strange sports games from developer Colin Lane. At first it was Gold is Hard, golf, in which you were always asked to hit the hole on the first hit (after all, you can't walk on lawns). Then came Wrassling, a sort of wrestling that looked like an alien with the Commodore 64. The developer then returned to golf with Battle Golf.

Now we see the game Battle Golf Online, once again intended to bypass its predecessor. Here you also have to hit the hole with one hit. The game has added green massifs sticking out over the water surface. Press twice, choosing the angle and force of the blow with each tap, and hope for the best! Some holes are easy to get into, but others are located in tiny towers or on the back of a giant sea monster.

Battle Golf Online is truly beautiful as a single player versus AI, but its full power is revealed in online mode. You can compete with other players, the goal of each is to score 5 game points first. In the game, there is even an opportunity to hit an opponent with a ball on the head in order to delay him for a few precious seconds, thereby gaining time to win.

In-App Purchases: A one-time payment of $ 249 removes ads from the game and gives you a golden hat.

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Best Free Games 2018 for iPhone: Rodeo Stampede, Crossy Road

36. Sonic the Hedgehog

Game veterans tend to be dubious about mobile adaptations of old masterpieces. Often they are an unfinished emulator on which a game created decades ago barely moves. Fortunately, Sega's pride – the original Sonic the Hedgehog – is an exception and an example of how old games should be remade.

For the uninitiated: Sonic the Hedgehog is a fast-paced, fast-paced platformer. If in his old rivals, the games about Mario, everything depended on precision and attention, here you have to rush back and forth, knocking down enemies, collecting coins and spinning at breakneck speed.

And now, on your phone, a completely redesigned original game adapted for the wide screen. It has slots for saved games, new characters and many other improvements, which, nevertheless, do not prevent it from maintaining the atmosphere of the original.

Sonic's only drawback if you're into action-packed platformers is the controls. The developers have done everything in their power to let you change the size and position of the controls on the screen. But in a game conceived for a gamepad, jerky and quick movements are required, which are not always possible on a glass display. However, it doesn't spoil the game too much. Alternatively, for a more complete experience, you can connect a gamepad to your iPhone.

In-App Purchases: A one-time purchase of $ 149 will save you the adverts (in the form of a Sega branded banner at launch).

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Best Free Games 2018 for iPhone: Rodeo Stampede, Crossy Road

37. Pac-Man 256

There was one mistake in the original Pac-Man. You encountered it if you managed to get to level 256: the right half of the screen turned into garbage, and it was impossible to advance further. But in Pac-Man 256, you finally get that opportunity.

In this game, the yellow dot eater falls into his worst nightmare. He will have to survive in an endless maze full of ghosts by raising pills. He will not be able to last long: the all-consuming glitch tirelessly chases after him.

Fortunately, Pacman has the opportunity to win back. The energizers from the original game remained in place. When they are eaten, the ghosts are repainted blue, and Pacman can eat them, gaining additional points. In addition, other bonuses have appeared, the power of which increases as you play. If you've ever felt like shooting a laser out of your mouth while playing Pac-Man, you'll love it here.

In-app purchases: You can buy a coin doubler for 379 rubles, and each theme will cost you 79 rubles.

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Best Free Games 2018 for iPhone: Rodeo Stampede, Crossy Road

38. Leap Day

Nitrome knows how to capture the essence of modern genres like nowhere else, and then convey it in their games for phones. Leap Day is a platformer, but it has a peculiarity – your hero, a small yellow creature, moves independently. All you have to do is tap the screen to make a jump, single or double.

The levels are also uniform: the width of each is limited by the screen, but vertically they can stretch as much as they like. Your task is to climb up, avoiding numerous … Along the way, you collect fruits, for which you can purchase checkpoints, so that you do not have to start over after another death.

As with any platformer, Leap Day is about reacting in time. And like any good platformer, the level design is superb. You will have to work hard to get ahead. Every day a new level opens up, so you have a reason to enter the game.

In-app purchases: Upgrading to the premium version worth 299 rubles removes ads from the game and unlocks the ability to create checkpoints.

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Best Free Games 2018 for iPhone: Rodeo Stampede, Crossy Road

39. Platform Panic

Platform Panic has many platforms, each of which will panic you. The prehistory of the game – someone has stolen something, so you have to wade through the deadly rooms, trying to complete some task.

The movement is based on swings: the hero runs on his own, while you need to guide him and jump in time. Be a split second late, and everything will start over.

Platform Panic stands out for its large number of rooms and traps, their thoughtful design and behavior. Each room on your way is like a puzzle that you will have to work on solving for a long time. When you come across another trap, you will surely fall into it, but the next time you return there, you will already be ready for it. However, if she changed direction, it will not help you.

Due to the random generation elements, Platform Panic is endlessly playable. It works well on mobile phones as the average game lasts about a minute (at least two if you're a genius platformer).

In-app purchases: Removing ads will cost 149 rubles. The rest of the in-game purchases are sets of coins for purchasing new levels and characters. So, for 299 rubles, you will receive 5000 game coins – this is enough to buy several characters and unlock many levels. Instead of buying coins with real money, you can collect them as you play — for example, each room contains at least one coin.

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Best Free Games 2018 for iPhone: Rodeo Stampede, Crossy Road

40. Really Bad Chess

This game shows what happens when a person who doesn't really like chess adapts it for iPhone. The board and the pieces are in place – but not the number and location. Instead, you start the game with an unusually large number of queens, while your opponent has almost no strong pieces. But after a quick victory, you will notice that the situation has changed somewhat in favor of the enemy. This continues: the computer's playing technique does not change, but it gets all the best and best pieces.

Really Bad Chess will show beginners the beauty and dignity of chess, and will force experienced players to reconsider their approaches to the game – their proven moves turn out to be useless against ten bishops. And if you get tired of trying to advance further (which gets more difficult over time), daily and weekly challenges are always available to you, along with a free play mode where you can practice endlessly.

In-app purchases: You can unlock the full version of the game for 229 rubles. Advantages – no ads, local multiplayer and new color palettes. The purchase of 100 undo will cost you 75 rubles.

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Best Free Games 2018 for iPhone: Rodeo Stampede, Crossy Road

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