Best Free Games 2018 for iPhone: King Rabbit, Six Match

We continue to present to your attention the best games of 2018 for iPhone, which are completely free to play. The first part of the list can be found here.


Important! About in-game purchases. Many free games include In-App Purchases. In this roundup, we've highlighted the key in-app purchases for each game and where they get in the way of free play.

11. Super Stickman Golf 3

In the third installment of Super Stickman Golf, a small player finds himself in the midst of a mercilessly huge golf course – probably wondering why he / she is tasked with driving balls in the middle of moon bases, giant trees and roller coasters, while at the same time the so-called 'professionals' only beautifully groomed greenery and sand are obtained. Yet Super Stickman Golf 3 is much more fun than the usual golf games.

Despite the quirkiness of the locations, the game is very clear. You aim, determine the force of the blow, and launch the ball. Additional control is provided by a spin that allows you to push a ball that was thrown too high towards the lawn near the hole or to deflect a hit from the ceiling in a completely impossible way.

As you progress through the game, you get card packs with additional skills, as well as multiplayer game modes for competing with friends from Game Center or incredible battles with four players. In general, there is plenty of fun with the ball in the game.

In-App Purchases: You can purchase a set of golf bills to buy cards or accelerate level ups. There is also the possibility of a one-time purchase of an exclusive version of the game worth 229 rubles, which unlocks additional golf courses and more turn-based matches, removes ads and opens 5 decks of cards.

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Best Free Games 2018 for iPhone: King Rabbit, Six Match

12. King Rabbit

You may be thinking that the royal rabbit sits in his chair all day and only demands that carrots be brought to him. However, the royal rodents quickly make enemies for themselves – in our case, the latter simply kidnapped the subjects of the rabbit. The crowned rodent must free everyone by moving objects around the puzzle grid.

The game is easy to play at first. Our hero with a crown on his head jumps briskly, explores tiny islands, moves strange boxes, finds keys and finally frees the rabbit from the cage (while making a funny victory gesture, seemingly completely inappropriate for a member of the royal family). However, very soon the game turns into a challenge – although the enemies of the rabbit are obsessed with setting time traps, we have to admit that they have certain design talents. Soon, you'll have to figure out how to dodge the saw, avoid poisonous snakes, throw bombs, and wade through teleport-like tunnels.

There isn't really much in the game that you haven't seen before. However, what King Rabbit is so good at is its execution. The visuals are bright and crisp, and the level design is smart and complex, but the complexity builds up gradually. You are drawn into the game, and not immediately plunged into trouble.

In-App Purchases: All in-game purchases are optional and are for buying hints, timer slowdowns, level building set objects, and level packs.

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Best Free Games 2018 for iPhone: King Rabbit, Six Match

13. Drop Wizard Tower

Drop Wizard Tower is the most affectionate love letter to the 'so' classic platformers of the 1980s, while taking advantage of the power of modern smartphones.

The game is based on the equally impressive predecessor called Drop Wizard – once again you direct the running wizard to the left or right. At each level, opponents roam across an area that fits on one screen, and the only possible form of attack is a magic strike made by a magic wand when the wizard lands on the platform.

A successful hit will numb enemies – now you can safely throw them off the screen. Perhaps, in flight, they will even sweep away others like an avalanche. As in any old-school platformer, defeated ill-wishers turn into fruit.

Unlike the original version of Drop Wizard, the sequel is made in portrait orientation. This gives it more authenticity compared to the first part (a sense of the classic era), and the large control buttons at the bottom of the screen make it more suitable for iPhone. Also, 50 floors of the tower are immediately open to you, and you do not have to unlock individual sections of the game, which makes the game more exciting. However, you can still collect gems to purchase a sequel.

We assume that the autorun component might scare some conservatives away, but that would be wrong. Instead, veterans of Bubble Bobble and Snow Bros can redefine the tactics of this kind of games, and the continuous nature of the Drop Wizard Tower makes the game more suitable for iPhone than options with a virtual D-pad or jump / fire buttons. Finally, Drop Wizard Tower is just a lot of fun and for that reason, we recommend giving this game a try.

In-app purchases: For RUB 299, you can purchase the premium version of Drop Wizard Tower, which allows you to continue playing and removes ads.

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Best Free Games 2018 for iPhone: King Rabbit, Six Match

14. Frisbee Forever 2

It would seem that throwing a plastic disc is not the best option for a fun arcade game, but Frisbee Forever 2 confidently proves the opposite. Instead of throwing a disc with friends in the park, Frisbee takes you on a roller coaster surrounded by colorful and varied landscapes.

The controls are simple to the point – you just use the tilt or buttons to steer the frisbee left or right. At first, the paths are small and simple – you fly through a strange ring, collecting stars. But soon, on the way to the sky, you already rush past pirate ships, make your way through the tiny windows of windmills or plunge into a frozen canyon.

Although the game is shareware, it rewards you for your time. Even for a level you don't complete, you get virtual currency that allows you to unlock new beautiful Frisbees or additional sets of levels.

Elegance and charm, superb design and wonderful visuals make Frisbee Foverer 2 a pure Nintendo game for iPhone.

In-app purchases: Instead of earning coins to unlock new Frisbees and locations in the game, you can simply purchase them from the in-app purchases menu.

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Best Free Games 2018 for iPhone: King Rabbit, Six Match

15. Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO is a game that prevents you from yawning over a glowing screen in a darkened room, but – oh, horror! – makes you go outside. You transform into a trainer of Pokémon – little monsters that can only be seen with a smartphone camera. When you find one of these creatures, you go to catch it, bursting bubbles along the way. Then you can train the collected collection and use it to control the Pokémon Gyms – the local battle structures.

The type of Pokémon found depends on the place and time – for example, water Pokémon are usually found near rivers and seas, and grass Pokémon can often be found in parks. More than a hundred different Pokémon await finders – some are very rare and can only be caught by a trainer who is ready to seriously walk on his own feet.

During the release period, Pokémon GO became a hobby of a bunch of people who flooded the streets trying to spot tiny monsters on their displays iPhone. User activity has slightly decreased since then, but the game remains a fun family-friendly game that promotes physical activity and is free. In general, the game will definitely not lose its relevance for some time.

In-App Purchases: The in-game PokéCoins range from $ 0.99 for 100 coins to $ 99.99 for 14,500. Pokécoins can greatly reduce target search times. Don't want to pay? Nothing, just have to walk a little longer.

How to install Pokémon GO to iPhone

Best Free Games 2018 for iPhone: King Rabbit, Six Match

16. Imago

There is a hint of Threes in the game! (see part 1 of the review of the best games for iPhone), but still Imago, a puzzle with moving tiles, is more difficult compared to its opponent. Here you need to drag and merge numbered tiles of the same size, shape, and denomination. When the tiles become too large, they are split again into smaller pieces, keeping the largest number obtained when the block is merged.

The goal is to think long term by placing blocks so that your account grows rapidly as quickly as possible. Make the right moves, and in a few final moves you will be able to reach the millionth or even billionth account.

Imago is a fairly complex game, but it is gentle on the user. There are four modes in which key concepts of the game are gradually introduced. If successful, you will be able to unlock 'Imago', in which the blocks will not break into smaller ones – unless, of course, they reach the gigantic size of 2×8.

One aspect alone spoils the overall experience of the game. This is a totally nasty in-app purchase that invites you to buy extra moves for real money every time the game ends. It might not be so bad, but even if you set your new highscore, the game oddly claims you were 'that close' and calls for buying moves. Ignore this point and Imago will see one of the best puzzles for iPhone.

In-app purchases: You can remove ads from the game for 229 rubles and purchase additional moves for 75 rubles each. If the first purchase is good, then the second is a very bad idea.

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Best Free Games 2018 for iPhone: King Rabbit, Six Match

17.Cally's Caves 4

After playing Cally’s Caves 4 for a bit, you’ll probably start thinking about how this game is exciting. “Probably,” you say, “the developers did not release a large-scale and beautifully designed, but only an often frustrating game in the style of an old-school platformer.” At least, that's exactly what we exclaimed – we scolded our own naughty fingers at every death and waited for the moment at which the game would be blocked and begin to require investments. It turned out that the developers are avid gamers and not so obsessed with monetization. All this about the game Cally's Caves 4 – and the game is still great.

According to the plot, Kelly is looking for an antidote to the curse (this time, unlike the equally impressive part of Cally's Caves 3, no one kidnapped the girl's parents, but she again found herself in a very difficult situation). To do this, you will have to jump a lot and defeat all kinds of opponents with the help of powerful weapons, which are usually not at all associated with a girl with ponytails on her head.

The levels are varied, and the weapon boosters are cleverly designed around how often you use each item. The only annoyance in the game is the checkpoint based card. Sometimes to a new save point you will have to go through a number of levels over and over again.

However, this circumstance will force you to pay more attention to the game, enjoying the exquisitely designed pixelated landscapes.

In-app purchases: If you want to share your finances with the developers, you can purchase two additional game modes for 299 rubles each, or a set of character costumes. Or just take everything at once for 699 rubles.

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Best Free Games 2018 for iPhone: King Rabbit, Six Match

18. Grumpy Cat's Worst Game Ever

Apparently, the famous grumpy cat, the protagonist of the 'worst game in the world', hates minigames and would rather you play something else. Unfortunately for the offended cat, Angry Cat: Horrible Game is a great game for iPhone in the style of the WarioWare series.

If you've never played a game like this before, then by pressing start, you will be surprised to find that the mini-game with a timer has already begun. You need to instantly understand what needs to be done and complete the task before the time runs out. If successful, the game speeds up inexorably. If you screw up, lose your life in the game.

As you might expect, a number of mini-games are centered around the grumpy cat. You either help to catch the beam of a laser pointer, or you throw the unfortunate representative of the feline family on a floating box. Soon, the game gets weirder – you have to fight cat karaoke, and your cat suddenly turns into a karateka, apparently imagining himself as a furry actor in a movie with Bruce Lee.

Angry Kitty: Awful Game is bright, silly, irresistible. It is definitely worth downloading. By playing long enough, you can unlock tons of new games and modes – much to the chagrin of the angry cat.

In-app purchases: You can purchase coins to unlock new games faster. The cost varies from 75 rubles for 1,000 coins to 299 rubles for 10,000 coins. By paying 75 rubles, you can use the cats from the game as iMessage stickers, and for 149 rubles you can remove ads from the game. If you enjoy the game, it is definitely worth paying to remove ads and buy stickers. The rest of the in-app purchases are only suitable for particularly impatient players.

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Best Free Games 2018 for iPhone: King Rabbit, Six Match

19.Six Match

Since Bejeweled has become a template for match 3 games, some games have deviated from the basic idea of ​​rearranging a pair of stones in an attempt to put three or more in a row. Six Match demonstrates that you don't have to turn the genre upside down to create something new. It's enough just to make the game special.

A special feature of this game is a square creature named Mr Swap-With-Coins with a number on its head, hanging around on the playing field. This number is very important – it shows how many more moves the square mister will make before freezing. The only way to reset the counter is to find another match.

This additional strategy element makes Six Match a much more sophisticated matching game than most. The picture becomes much more complicated as new mechanics appear in the game – here are diamonds, which can be collected only after removing them from the game board, and cells for coins, which, when pushed, immediately remove a whole row or column of coins from you.

There are also some poker mechanics – you collect coins and the best hands are awarded higher points. In all fairness, keeping an eye on this mere mortal is beyond his powers, but there is something to strive for when you've succeeded in completing the rest of the game.

In-app purchases: For 149 rubles, you can permanently remove periodically appearing ads from the game (it pleases that the game counts down the time until the next ad appears on the screen, which avoids such an unpleasant surprise as the appearance of ads at the most inopportune moment).

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Best Free Games 2018 for iPhone: King Rabbit, Six Match

20. Street Brawler (Beat Street)

In the eighties, slot machines offered many games where your only goal was to beat as many opponents as possible, under titles like Double Dragon and Streets of Rage. Similar games for iPhone were unsuccessful due to the inconvenience of virtual controls.

The Street Brawler game was a pleasant surprise. It not only perfectly conveys the spirit of old arcades (huge opponents, constant clashes with bosses, the ability to effectively use a brick found somewhere), but also designed specifically for touch screens.

In fact, you don't need anything other than a screen. You drag to move, tap the screen to attack and hold to grab an opponent, and swipe to throw him back to your accomplices. If you want a more traditional control, just switch the orientation iPhone to landscape and use two fingers instead of one; but still, 'Street Brawler' is really good at portrait orientation, where more space is allocated to background graphics.

The only drawback is some monotony. The developers want you to play in fits and starts every day, replaying levels at different difficulty levels.

In-App Purchases: 'Elite Starter Package' for RUB 379 contains crystals and other useful things. In addition, you can buy packs of crystals for the amount from 149 to 749 rubles. Crystals allow you to open boxes, exchange for coins, or are used for pumping. Any purchase disables embedded ads.

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Best Free Games 2018 for iPhone: King Rabbit, Six Match

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