Best Dark Mode Apps for iPhone by Apple

Apple didn't add a full dark mode to iOS 12, but that doesn't stop the company from promoting third-party apps that provide this feature. App Store has a new collection of the best apps that have dark mode.


On iPhone X with OLED – display, dark mode apps look especially good. But on other models iPhone or iPad Pro they look no worse, because Apple uses only high-quality displays for their devices.

The list includes popular apps like Bear, Apollo for Reddit, Instapaper, Overcast, Speedtest, etc. The entire list can be found here. It will be updated regularly Apple.

Best Dark Mode Apps for iPhone by Apple

Although dark mode looks good in these apps, it won't save battery, nor will it improve the performance of your smartphone.

Apple has itself tagged dark mode apps in App Store. Perhaps this means that in iOS 12 it will still be added throughout the system. We'll find out in September this year.

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