Best cocktail recipe apps for iPhone

Even if you are not a bartender, you can still delight your guests with delicious cocktails. Whether it's a simple mojito or a delicious cosmo, the apps for iPhone, which we have collected for you below, will help you with their preparation.

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Criteria and functions

When selecting applications, we relied on the presence of the following functions in them:

  • Variety of recipes: Any recipe app should have a huge variety of recipes. And it doesn't matter what these recipes are – dishes, desserts, cakes or alcoholic cocktails.
  • Multiple Search Options: You may want to search for recipes by specific ingredient, name or season. For this, the application must support different search options.
  • Saving and Sharing: When you find the perfect cocktail, you will surely want to save it or even share it with a friend. This option is available in all applications below.

8,500+ Drink Recipes

8500-Drink-Recipes-on - iPhone

If a large number of recipes are important to you, then the 8,500+ Drink Recipes app is for you. You can search by category, ingredient and name.

Top 8,500+ Drink Recipes Features:

  • Try casual cocktails. Just shake your iPhone and have a cocktail recipe you've never tried before.
  • Add the ingredients you have and get cocktail recipes with those ingredients.
  • Save your favorite recipes or share them by mail, via Facebook or Twitter.

8,500+ Drink Recipes contains a huge number of recipes for every taste. Now you can surprise everyone with cocktails at a party, gatherings with friends or some kind of celebration.

  • Support: iPhone and iPad
  • Price: Free

Cocktail flow

Cocktail-Flow-on - iPhone

Cocktail Flow is a beautiful app with different categories of cocktails, a selection of the best and most popular, seasonal and non-alcoholic.

Best Cocktail Flow Features:

  • Browse a selection of recipes by strength and color of cocktails, by type of drink, or for specific holidays.
  • Search for recipes by ingredient, name, or type.
  • Build your own bar with the ingredients and equipment you own.

With Cocktail Flow, you can quickly save and share your favorite recipes. The application allows you to customize units of measure and select a language. If you are looking for an app with really unusual cocktails, download it.

  • Support: iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, website.
  • Price: Free + in-app purchases.

Cocktail royale

Cocktail-Royale-on - iPhone

Cocktail Royale is another great app for iPhone where you can find cocktails by ingredient. In addition, it contains information about bar appliances.

Best Cocktail Royale Features:

  • Use a shopping list for the ingredients you need for your cocktails.
  • Save your best recipes for later use.
  • Read the history of different cocktails and ingredients.

Cocktail Royale has several additional features that other apps don't. You can not only prepare delicious cocktails, but also tell your friends about their origin.

  • Support: iPhone and website.
  • Price: Free

At the next party or celebration, you can surprise your guests with incredible delicious and beautiful cocktails. They will definitely be satisfied!

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