Benefit in App Store: Meditation Studio and other apps for free

Want to add a couple of cool new apps to your iPhone or iPad but think it's best to save money for gifts for the holidays? If so, this article is for you. Today we are going to share the 5 best temporarily free apps and games for iOS to date.


Total benefit when downloading all the apps and games in this article: RUR 1,051

Note that these are paid applications, and all of the listed offers are limited in time. If you went to App Store and saw the price instead of the Free icon, then the promotion has expired.

Meditation Studio

Benefit in App Store: Meditation Studio  and other apps for free

Last year, this Meditation Studio was included in the Top 50 Apps by Time and the Top 10 of the same year – but already by the editors Apple. This year, the app was just as popular and was included in the list of the best in the Health & Fitness category by Forbes. As the name suggests, this program is entirely dedicated to the art of meditation. In it, you will find tips, instructions and techniques for meditation to achieve the goals you need: overcome insomnia, get rid of unwanted habits, concentrate, or, conversely, relax.

The application contains a large number of different authoring programs. Each of them is accompanied by corresponding sounds to tune in the desired mood. Any meditations can be saved to the library, so that you can refer to them later when needed – regardless of the presence of an Internet connection.

Regular Price: RUR 299

Download at App Store: Meditation Studio


Benefit in App Store: Meditation Studio  and other apps for free

Drwer is an absolutely simple, minimalistic and user-friendly application created by designers for designers. Because when you want to share an idea with your coworkers or do a quick sketch to explain what you mean, the last thing you need is a cumbersome drawing application with tons of customizations and an incomprehensible interface.

Drwer makes it easy to sketch and take notes. To start drawing, you just need to open the application. To erase everything from the screen, just shake your smartphone or tablet.

Drwer Features:

  • Built-in templates imitate interface elements for sketches of software and website design
  • You can choose the most convenient background: completely white, checkered or dotted
  • Draw on photos and send anywhere right from the app
  • No frills. Use three colors and two brush sizes to make sketches, diagrams or notes quickly and legibly

Regular Price: RUB 75

Download in App Store: Drwer


Benefit in App Store: Meditation Studio  and other apps for free

With just a few taps, you can change the background, or vice versa, add objects to your photos directly on iPhone. You don't need a computer or complicated software that requires special skills. Superimpose works simply:

  1. Upload an image for the background
  2. Load the main foreground image
  3. Choose a blending mode from 18 available
  4. Use a special tool to mark the areas you want to remove from the foreground photo
  5. Refine the edges of the selection, or make them less clear if necessary.
  6. Choose where the top image will be. It can be rotated, scaled and flipped
  7. Adjust the colors / exposure / contrast / hue / saturation and other parameters of both images so that they are in the same color scheme
  8. If necessary, add a shadow from the object in the foreground to the background using the special tool
  9. Done! Save photo in full size or send it right away to Twitter or Facebook

The developers note that the tool for creating masks in their application is the most powerful in App Store. Just touch the place in the photo that you want to separate from the background, and the algorithm will select the entire area with similar colors.

If you like more meticulous work, Superimpose offers a wide range of tools familiar to anyone who has worked with masks in Photoshop: brushes, lasso, polygonal, elliptical and other selection modes, radial gradient and much more. There is even a special tool designed for precise hair selection. Masks can be done both in photographs and in text.

Regular Price: 149RUR

Download in App Store: Superimpose

Pic Instant Collage Live 360

Benefit in App Store: Meditation Studio  and other apps for free

It is a powerful collage maker and photo editing app. With it you can create stunning collages using photos, stickers and hundreds of fonts.

Features of Pic Instant Collage Live 360:

  • Over 170 ready-made collage templates in different styles
  • You can make collages from 10 photos
  • More than 150 fonts are available with the ability to edit color, size and slant. Multiple text blocks can be added to one collage
  • More than 80 filters for every taste. You can add to several photos at once or process individual photos in a collage in different ways
  • A set of 570 stickers is available in the application

Regular Price: 149RUR

Download in App Store: Pic Instant Collage Live 360

Minecraft: Story Mode – S2

Benefit in App Store: Meditation Studio  and other apps for free

The popularity of Minecraft will not end very soon. This game from Telltale (Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Wolf Among Us) is based on the original sandbox, but adds a story to it. This is the second season of the point-and-click game, so in order to understand the plot, it is better to first read the first one. S2 added new characters, mobs (most of them replaced similar mobs from the first part)

Note that a free app does not mean a completely free game. The developer made only the first episode free, while you still have to pay for the rest. If you were going to buy Minecraft: Story Mode – S2, then we advise you to do it now, while part of the game is free, and the rest of the episodes (there are only 5 of them) are subject to a 35% discount. Either way, this is a great suggestion to see if you want to pay for the whole story.

The game is not recommended for devices older than iPhone 5s and iPad Air 2. Full list of compatible devices (iOS 10.0 or higher must be installed):

  • iPhone 5s and newer
  • iPad mini 4 and newer
  • iPad Air 2 and newer
  • iPad (2017)
  • iPad Pro

Regular Price: RUR 379

Download in App Store: Minecraft: Story Mode – S2

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