Benefit in App Store: 8 temporarily free apps for iOS

Everyone loves apps for iPhone and iPad, but let's be honest: not all of them are worth paying for. However, the developers understand this and periodically make their applications free for a limited period. Today we will tell you about new great deals in App Store. Perhaps there is something among these games applications that you have long wanted?


Total benefit when downloading all applications and games from this article: 1,664 rubles.

Note that these are paid applications, and all of the listed offers are limited in time. If you went to App Store and saw the price instead of the Free icon, then the promotion has expired.

Toca Life: Stable

Benefit in App Store: 8 temporarily free apps for iOS

If you love horses and cartoon graphics, then Toca Life: Stable is a must-have! Here you can raise horses, take care of them and develop their abilities. You can arrange demonstration performances, travel through the forest and much more.

Despite the fact that the game is about horses, you can also show your abilities in riding a motorcycle, while the four-legged pet is resting and recuperating after exercising in the arena. Ride a horse, raft down a waterfall, compose music – and all this without the leaderboard and other elements of competition. The developers want you to just enjoy the game, and not try to be better than someone else.

Benefit in App Store: 8 temporarily free apps for iOS

Basically the game is aimed at children, but adults will also find a lot of interesting things in it. It is worth noting the presence of a Russian interface and the absence of any advertising.

Regular Price: RUR 249

Download in App Store: Toca Life: Stable


Benefit in App Store: 8 temporarily free apps for iOS

Love stickers and want to spice up your iMessage messages? This can be done using Animojis. The application gives you access to more than 300 stickers with cute animals, with which you can express any emotions during correspondence.

Note that these stickers are not available in other messengers and require iOS 10.0 or higher.

Regular Price: RUB 75

Download in App Store: Animojis

Montessorium: Intro to Letters

Benefit in App Store: 8 temporarily free apps for iOS

This application will help your child learn to distinguish, pronounce, read and write English letters, names and phonograms. The language basics are presented in a fun and accessible format, which will help the kid not only get a basic understanding of the language, but also develop hand motor skills. The author's teaching methodology guarantees the effectiveness of the Montessorium program.

The app even provides a special feature called Recording Studio. An adult can record his pronunciation of letters, sounds and names so that the child learns from the voice of his beloved parents. It is important to note that the application is universal and suitable for use on both iPhone and iPad, but does not work on iPod Touch.

Regular Price: RUR 379

Download in App Store: Montessorium: Intro to Letters


Benefit in App Store: 8 temporarily free apps for iOS

Find the coffee shop you want anywhere in the world! You can search for any suitable establishment near you or near a specific address. The application displays both establishments of large chains such as Starbucks, Shokoladnitsa and Coffee Shop, as well as very small coffee shops. The search results will also show all places that have coffee on the menu – including fast food like McDonalds and even bars with a coffee card.

Benefit in App Store: 8 temporarily free apps for iOS

CoffeeFind works well in Russian cities, the names of local cafes are displayed in Russian. It also shows the address, distance and status – the establishment is open at this time or not. When choosing a location, you will receive all the information you need: opening hours, contact details (phone number if available) and the exact location on the map. If you don't know how to get there, you can send the coordinates to the navigation app (Apple Maps, Google Maps, Bing Maps or Waze), or save them to use in some other service.

The developers claim that their app lists over 21,000 stores in 63 countries.

Regular Price: RUB 75

Download at App Store: CoffeeFind

Faux Browser

Benefit in App Store: 8 temporarily free apps for iOS

Imagine that you are sitting in a smartphone, choosing a gift for a loved one, when suddenly he enters the room. With Faux Browser you can keep a secret: by clicking on the Home button, the current tab will immediately become empty – even in multitasking mode. Of course, this trick is intended, for the most part, for more delicate situations, but you don't really want to accidentally reveal an idea for a gift – this is especially true now, when the New Year is just around the corner.

Faux Browser will also appeal to lovers of anonymity. As a search engine, it does not use Google, which transfers data about search queries to third parties, but the private DuckDuckGo, which does not store or transfer user information. Also, all cookies are deleted after you close your browser. So it will be impossible to track exactly which sites you visited.

Regular Price: 149RUR

Download in App Store: Faux Browser


Benefit in App Store: 8 temporarily free apps for iOS

In this game you have to drive a small truck to deliver fruits and vegetables to the market. To do this, you will need to overcome the entire map, dropping as few things from the body as possible. At the beginning of each level, you are given a certain amount of fruits and vegetables, as well as the number of things that you need to take to the finish line in order for the level to be considered completed. Accordingly, the more you stay in the truck, the more points you get.

Now there are 27 levels in the game, and passing all of them requires a lot of skill and dexterity. There are 28 models of trucks and wheels, as well as 12 types of goods. A distinctive feature of HappyTruck is well-thought-out physics: everything bounces, breaks, flies and explodes. The game provides joystick support, there are achievements in the Game Center.

Regular Price: 149RUR

Download at App Store: HappyTruck

Cassette gold

Benefit in App Store: 8 temporarily free apps for iOS

This simple application is essentially a cassette player simulator. Of course, with its help you will not be able to play music from your old audio tapes on iPhone, iPad or iPod, but this player will definitely help you to feel a rush of warm nostalgia.

With this player you will be able to listen to all audio recordings that are downloaded to your device. There are several design options for cassettes, so you can always choose the design you like.

Regular Price: RUR 229

Download in App Store: Cassette Gold

Weather Now

Benefit in App Store: 8 temporarily free apps for iOS

A 3D map of the entire Earth in your smartphone: you can twist and view the photorealistic model as you like. It is noteworthy that all atmospheric phenomena are displayed in real time on a 3D model. Looking at different parts of the planet, it is easy to forget about the main function of the application: with its help you can find out the exact temperature anywhere on Earth.

If you are not attracted by the opportunity to test your knowledge of geography and find your city on the world map, you can find it through the search. The database contains over 80,000 cities. Russian, of course, are also present.

Benefit in App Store: 8 temporarily free apps for iOS

The application has its own widget, which is convenient to use to quickly check if it will rain any time soon. As for the forecast, Weather Now offers an accurate 15-day forecast with temperature and atmospheric conditions and a 2-day hourly forecast.

Regular Price: RUR 379

Download in App Store: Weather Now

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