ARKit-powered LEGO AR-Studio app combines virtual blocks with real ones

Smartphones and tablets have been used to create augmented reality in the past, but it cannot be denied that the new ARKit technology from Apple further expands these possibilities.

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Today the LEGO company presented its new AR-Studio application based on ARKit, which will help children and their parents assemble a construction set and supplement real blocks with virtual ones. Today the app will appear in App Store. It is designed to create a virtual world around a real constructor.

'This app is a whole new way of interacting with LEGO. It connects real blocks with virtual ones, ”says Tom Donaldson, vice president of creative at LEGO. 'You hold your iPhone or iPad in your hand and you can see your surroundings on the screen: room, table, etc. It knows how to define surfaces on which to place virtual LEGO models. '

The AR-Studio app will have multiple modes including Ninjago models, train station, and fire and police station. You can even control virtual characters.

Parents should be aware that all virtual models are based on real ones. So if your child plays with the virtual Ninjago model, and then sees it in the store, then you may have to buy it.

AR-Studio application should be interesting not only for children, but also for their parents.

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