ARKit is great for navigation and maps

Every day, more and more demos appear on YouTube using ARKit technology from Apple to create augmented reality.


After watching enough videos of apps using ARKit, we can confidently say that augmented reality navigation will surprise the average user the most.

The best example of navigation with this technology is Andrew Hart's app using ARKit and CoreLocation

Signs appear in the real world through the camera and lead you step by step in the desired direction, adding arrows and lines to the road.

See for yourself.

The following example uses ARKit and CoreLocation to display the names of various buildings and points of interest. A few applications in App Store are already capable of this, but they are no match for the new technology Apple when it comes to speed and accuracy.

ARKit + CoreLocation

– Andrew Hart (@AndrewProjDent) July 17, 2017

And this is just the beginning. With the release of iOS 11 this fall, many developers will start working with ARKit to create navigation and map apps.

Here is where we're headed
An Apple demo from last year

– Dan Talmon (@dan_talmon) July 21, 2017

The app Apple Maps on iOS 11 also has a new augmented reality mode that uses ARKit. Find a spot through the search, then hit the Flyover button, and the map will change its view depending on your movement around the room.

This feature can be used to view the Sydney Opera House or the Eiffel Tower by simply rotating iPhone or iPad. You can also go for walks, and the 3D model of the city will adjust to your movement.

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