Apps for iPhone that change faces in photos

The program that changes faces will serve as good entertainment for iPhone owners – using it will help you to take a new approach to the process of creating photos, adding a lot of humor and comicity.

the program changes faces

The fashion for changing faces in photos is gaining more and more popularity, and iPhone users are no exception. Such programs have appeared a long time ago, and are currently experiencing a peak in popularity.

There are many applications used to replace faces in photos, let's look at the most popular of them.

Face Swap! – replacement of faces in the photo

face swap

This program changes faces on ready-made photos, and in App Store there are many varieties of this application. The principle of its operation is to change the position of faces in ready-made photographs – you just need to select the desired faces and make a replacement.

You can photograph a whole group of people on your phone, and then using the program, in a few operations, get an original composition worthy of posting on social networks.


One of the options for this app is Face Swap Live, a program that swaps faces in real time. By launching the application, you open access to the phone's camera, which allows you to apply the face replacement effect in real time not only to photos, but also to videos.

An additional interesting feature of the program is the use of your face instead of the faces of celebrities.

This program has a lot of advantages, I especially want to highlight its narrow focus and the absence of unnecessary functions, which favorably distinguishes it from the next application.

DownloadFace Swap Live

MSQRD – Mobile Masquerade


This is a program that changes faces by substituting different masks. With it, you can create photos and videos. Replacing faces in this application is rather an additional function – in the active window of the program there are two circles in which you need to mark your face and its replacement.
As a result, we get quite funny photos that have something to laugh at. You can use bills, calendars and other images with faces as masks.


Snapchat – Share your face with a friend Snapchat-QR-Ghost-Code

This program is more of a messenger with a face exchange function. The program changes faces in messages and posts, and this applies to both photos and videos.

To replace, you need to select the front camera and in the list of filters that appears when you click on a face, set the option to replace faces.



This face-changing program is an absolute leader – it free , which is already a pretty big plus. In addition, this program changes faces with such high quality that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the processed photo from the original.

The possibilities of this application are quite large:

  • face replacement in real time;
  • the possibility of automatic replacement;
  • selection of a photo from the library;
  • the ability to upload a snapshot from social networks;
  • the Share function, which allows you to share the received image with friends (sending by e-mail or posting the image on popular social networks is supported);
  • enlargement of the photo (the usual spreading of the fingers on the sides – Pinch);
  • face transformation (to activate this function, you need to press the face and hold your finger on the display for a while).

The program changes faces in a few very simple manipulations – you need to select the desired photo, click on the orange button in the application and start changing.

The resulting result can be saved in the catalog or sent to friends directly from the application.


The program that changes faces will allow you to have fun and exciting time, significantly revitalizing old photos, even those that were previously considered unsuccessful. Probably, not every photo will become a real masterpiece, but for this there are experiments.

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