Apple releases new beta versions iOS, watchOS and tvOS

Since the recent beta release of macOS Sierra 10.12.4, Apple has released the fifth beta iOS 10.3, watchOS 3.2 and tvOS 10.2 . Registered developers and contributors to the Apple Developer program can install iOS 10.3 beta 5 (build number 14E5269a), watchOS 3.2 beta 5 (build number 14V5243a) and tvOS 10.2 beta 5 (build number 14W5260a) through the Software Update mechanism, provided that their devices have a special profile available on the developer portal Apple.

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Xcode 8.3 beta 4 (build 8W143q) is also available.

iOS 10.3

iOS 10.3 has several new features and innovations, as well as bug fixes and performance and security improvements.

For example, the new update includes support for Find My Airpods, allowing you to find your lost headphones through the Find My app iPhone. One-handed virtual keyboard was found in code iOS 10.3, but it remains to be seen if Apple will include it in the final release iOS 10.3.

A new section in settings displays legacy apps.

A redesigned alert will inform you that 32-bit applications can slow down 64-bit devices. This message confirms that future versions iOS will drop support for 32-bit applications, so iOS 11 will be exclusively 64-bit.

Apple releases new beta versions iOS, watchOS and tvOS

iOS 10.3 will allow applications to dynamically change their home screen icon to reflect their state. So, for example, the icon can change when purchasing the full version of the application through the built-in mechanism.

Other notable changes in iOS 10.3 include:

  • Apple File System
  • Built-in iCloud Analytics
  • New settings design iCloud
  • Modified Siri and CarPlay
  • Reduce Motion browser support
  • Ability to disable ratings and reviews within apps
  • Maps Hourly Weather Forecast
  • Improved mail navigation
  • Simplified typing on Chinese and Japanese keyboards

When iOS 10.3 is commercially available, developers will finally be able to respond to user reviews in App Store so that everyone else can see it.

watchOS 3.2

watchOS 3.2 includes support for theater mode with settings in the Control Center, which lets you turn off Raise to Wake and sound alerts.

In the words of Apple:

Theater mode allows users to quickly mute their watch and prevent the screen from turning on when they lift their wrist. Notifications can be viewed by tapping the screen or the wheel of the clock.

watchOS 3.2 will also allow you to manage apps through Siri like iOS 10.

With Siri you can send a message, make a payment, order a taxi, call someone, or search for photos in compatible applications.

tvOS 10.2

In addition to bug fixes and performance improvements, tvOS 10.2 updates include a scrolling system that allows you to scroll through lists faster than before.

From the release notes:

Scrolling windows with lots of content can now scroll much faster. A few large scrolls will automatically switch the window to this mode. In addition, users, users will be able to instantly move to some places. If you have any problems with these features, please submit a bug report.

tvOS 10.2 also includes extended support for the Device Enrollment Program, Expanded Mobile Device Management, the VideoToolBox framework, and a new Apple File System (also supported by beta iOS 10.3, watchOS 3.2, and macOS Sierra 10.12.4).

iOS and macOS are available for public testing through the Apple Beta Software.

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