Apple released iTunes 12.7.3 with support for HomePod

Earlier today Apple officially released new versions of iOS and macOS, and now an update to iTunes has been released.


Apple released iTunes 12.7.3 with support for the first smart speaker from Apple – HomePod. In addition, the menu AirPlay has been updated to make it easier to select HomePod as the audio source. Also in iTunes it will now be easier to manage music playing on HomePod.

To truly enjoy music with your new smart speaker, you will need to purchase a Apple Music subscription, as it does not support third-party apps (like Pandora and Spotify).

Below is the postscript to the update:

ITunes now works with HomePod. Use the improved menu AirPlay to easily select HomePod and manage your music with subscription Apple Music. You can learn more about HomePod here:

To download and install the new version of iTunes, log into your Mac App Store and go to the Updates tab. There you will find the new version.

If you suddenly don’t know, HomePod can be ordered already on January 26, and on February 9 the column will appear in stores. It will cost $ 349, which means that HomePod is not the most expensive smart speaker.

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