Apple macOS High Sierra 10.13 has been released

MacOS High Sierra has been released recently Apple and the next system update is out now.


Yesterday Apple officially released macOS High Sierra 10.13 update, which aims to improve the stability of the operating system, as well as improve its security. Here are the main tasks of the update:

  • Improved installer reliability.
  • Fixed cursor bug in Adobe In Design.
  • Fixed an issue with emails that were not deleted from Yahoo accounts in Mail.

To download and install the update, you need to go to your Mac App Store, go to the Updates tab and download the update there. It is important to note that although Apple only listed three fixes, this update should also address file system security issues.

The update is already available for download, so if you have time, install it now. Especially if you are concerned about the security of your data. Apple has encountered several different security issues with macOS High Sierra, but the company is immediately addressing them as soon as they become known. The file system vulnerabilities have already been fixed.

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