Apple introduced new requirements to application developers iOS

Apple has sent out several upcoming changes to developers.


The company has confirmed that as of April this year, all new applications iOS that are offered in App Store must be created using the SDK iOS 11. Additionally, in new apps should have Super Retina display support for iPhone X with a notch.

'From April 2018, all new apps offered in App Store must be built using the SDK iOS 11. All new apps for iPhone, including universal, must support Super Retina display for iPhone X '.

SDK iOS 11 is included in Xcode 9 and newer.

Apple introduced many new elements in iOS 11. To help developers adapt, the requirement will only take effect in a couple of months. Most importantly, Apple made the presence of design support iPhone X notched a requirement. This is a very important step in application development.

'You can now build more advanced Core ML machine learning apps and use ARKit augmented reality. Multitasking functionality can be added to applications for iPad. If your application includes these elements, remember to test them thoroughly. '

The changes will take effect in April this year.

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