Apple has released macOS High Sierra 10.13.3 Beta 1 for developers

MacOS High Sierra 10.13.2 has been publicly released recently Apple, and the first beta version of the next update is out now.


The company today released the first beta of macOS High Sierra 10.13.3 to developers. With these beta releases Apple, it provides developers with early access to updates so they are ready for future releases.

To install the new version, the registered developer must log into the Mac App Store and go to the Updates tab. The new version is already there. The first beta version can also be downloaded and installed directly from the Apple Developer Center.

The new version has just been released, so nothing is known about the changes yet. At the time of publication, it is only known that the update is aimed at fixing bugs and errors, as well as improving the system.

A public beta is likely to be released soon for users participating in the beta testing program. It is not yet known when Apple will release the final update, but this is unlikely to happen until early 2018.

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