Apple has released iOS 11 Beta 4 for developers

Today Apple has released its fourth beta iOS 11 with more bug fixes and performance improvements. There are just over two months left until the final version is released, so these beta are aimed at fixing all the shortcomings.


If you have not taken the risk of installing beta iOS 11 on your iPhone or iPad due to performance issues, now you can fear not. This version may have some bugs, and third-party applications may not work perfectly, but it is good enough for everyday use.

There will be many new features in iOS 11, including a new control center design, a new lock screen and notification center, new design tweaks, an improved app system and a new design App Store. You can read about the new features iOS 11 here.

You can download the latest beta iOS 11 from your developer account. If you have already installed the beta, you will automatically receive an update notification. And if you are a public beta tester, then expect a new public version later this week. If you can't wait, you can always read our article on how to install iOS 11 Beta without a developer account and without a computer.

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