Apple allowed an ad blocker in iTunes to remove ads from Apple News

ITunes has a new ad blocking app that works not only in Safari but also in other standard apps. Been Choice can remove ads from everywhere, including Facebook, Twitter and even Apple News.

Been-Choice - iOS

Unlike other similar iOS – applications, Been Choice filters traffic in other ways: through Safari and through a special VPN service. With the second method, Been Choice filters out ads using “deep packet inspection,” says TechCrunch.

This technology is similar to that used by large companies to prevent sensitive information from leaking out of the internal network, explains Been Choice co-founder Dave Yoon. With its help, Been Choice blocks ads even before they arrive on your device.

Been Choice claims the app can clean virtually anything from ads, including Pinterest, Pandora, Yahoo, New York Times and Apple News, and block affiliate ads and videos on CNN or CNBC apps.

Another distinctive feature of Been Choice is that if you choose not to filter the ad content, you can get a reward for doing so. It is now available in cash (via PayPal), but the developers promise to add gift cards Amazon and the ability to send your reward to charity.

Of course, it's not that simple: $ 20 in real money equals 30,000 award points, and it takes a long time to earn points, according to TechCrunch. Plus, earning a reward means you disclose more personal information than usual.

In accordance with Been Choice's privacy policy, the app can search packages for information about your device, carrier and network, information about the applications you use, and “information about you”. Unfortunately, it may also ask for “information about your activities and transactions”.

It's not entirely clear what Been Choice does with this data, so we recommend that you think twice before trying to make money with this app.

It should be said that similar VPN-based ad blockers on iOS have appeared before, but somewhat unexpectedly, the decision Apple to approve such an application now that iOS 9 s new Apple News that Been Choice can harm. Third-party developers can also suffer from it.

Developers who release free applications and earn from advertising in them do not receive a dime from users of Been Choice and similar programs. If Been Choice and other similar apps become popular, it could become a problem and hinder the development of the free software market.

Therefore, you should not be surprised if soon Apple changes his mind and decides to remove Been Choice from iTunes.

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