Apple added support for iPhone X and iPad Pro to AirPort Utility

AirPort Utility is an application for iPhone, iPad, and Mac that manages your line of AirPort routers. It was updated this week with support for iPhone X and iPad Pro screen resolutions.


Now, on the aforementioned devices, the application is displayed in full screen, and there are no black bars at the top and bottom. What's more, it doesn't look stretched on 10.5 “and 12.9” iPad Pro.

iPhone X and iPad Pro are supported in AirPort Utility 1.3.5. Judging by the screenshots from App Store, Apple didn't beat the notch on the screen.


Last week, the company released a system update for its Gen 2 AirPort Express adding support for AirPlay 2 to the device. While the entire AirPort line is no longer being released, it will continue to be supported for several years.

AirPort devices are available from various stores until the stock is sold out. AirPort Utility is a free application and must be downloaded from iPhone and iPad. MacOS Mojave has it by default.

Download AirPort Utility from App Store

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